In Breaking News…

Today was supposed to be a quiet day here at Granite Glen.

Violet has had fevers most of the night.  I am a bit weary as a result.

A morning feed-up check revealed none of our Mothers To Be were showing any signs of giving birth.

Then, just after lunch, as Mr I arrived back to pick up the truck …


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Four and counting…

A couple of things to note:

1) Yes there is something funny about Patch’s bottom lip. She’s a scrapper and tries to fight all the time with the other bitches. One hung on a bit long one day. Hence the droopy lip!

2) Dogs often actually physically pull the pups out themselves. (And no, before today I haven’t noticed it before either!)

Just thought you’d like to be kept in the loop.


PS Violet wanted me to say that she took the close-up of Patch’s face. Which she did. (Need to get our bylines straight!)

UPDATE: At 3pm there were seven pups, with one only living for an hour.  (Violet was surprisingly pragmatic about the loss – that’s life on the land.). So six in total.

8 Responses to “In Breaking News…”

  1. AWWWWW!
    Doesn’t she look so pleased with herself?!
    Well done, young lady :D
    Jayne´s last blog post ..December 2 On this day in Oz History

  2. Right on time, too. So happy for all the new life after the earlier blow. The babies are so cute with their little pinknesses.
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..Happy Birthday, Baby Boy Wyatt

  3. oh Amanda what terrific captures and Violet too.
    What a terrific Mum she must be, so gentle and to let her pups be handled as well, great nature.
    Look forward to updates of their growth, hope they do nothing but behave themselves by doing all the right things.
    Ann Britton´s last blog post ..Who wants to be my gate opener? (Bore Run)

  4. Awesome BBOO…congratulations on your new furkid grandy role! Also, love Violet’s photo of Patch’s close up =)

  5. When I come to Amanda’s place (where the hand suckie calf is from) can I cuddle the little puppies or will they be all grown up? Flynn x

    p.s. this was our bedtime story tonight so now we are just waiting for all the names! Jac xx
    Jac C´s last blog post ..Solitaire De-Techified

  6. LOL Jac – so next visit is soon then??? PS Hand-sucky calf* is hopefully expecting her own baby next year (about July)!! :-)

    * Bay Leaf for anyone not ‘in’ on this conversation!!

  7. Thanks for the photo, Violet. This is a good start for my week.
    I miss having my working dogs Who were also my best ever friend dogs.

  8. How exciting!! I’m glad Violet had something fun to wake up to considering her rough night. And tell her “good job” on her photography!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Shaped Puzzles

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