This weekend marked the beginning of the Christmas school holidays in our corner of the world…

And Saturday also happened to mark Violet’s birthday.  So we took the day off and headed for a special retreat not too far from our home here…

dam_5840 eIt is a national park and has abundant wildlife, including magpies…
dam_5847 eAnd rainbow lorikeets…

dam_5838 e

This little man stood his ground very aggressively to the young magpie… apparently one shouldn’t judge the pretty ones’ intestinal fortitude by their appearance!

This place also has a great fishing and boating area, where my brother and brother-in-law and their friends gather every year to blow off a little steam.

dam_5656 e

This is my brother whose blog name (and nickname IRL) is Pig. He’s not a pig at all, he’s really quite sweet.

And he is now the very proud owner of a VERY green boat.  Apparently when one has four kids, one either needs to supply a great deal of fuel or one’s own boat for these gatherings.

dam_5682 e It was much, MUCH fun!

dam_5644 e

All the various neices and nephews and friends had a blast – being dragged around the water on these devices…

dam_5666 eHANG. ON. KIDS!

dam_5693 eLook out Salina… velocity is a B**** sometimes!

dam_5662And GONE! Luckily she was fine and climbed back on for another burl.

dam_5707 eYou’d think the action would wear thin after the 35th dunking… but apparently not.

dam_5631 eTee hee…

The gathering decided on a ‘sunset cruise’ around the dam last night. And let me tell you, these pics don’t really do it justice.


dam_5714 eLoading up to cruise…

dam_5715 e

Watching the sun tint ridges … dam_5744 e

and distant clouds, with fire…

dam_5767 eTime to begin heading in, in the final light of day…

dam_5741 eAs a high moon begins to glow…

dam_5781 eMoonlight dancing on ripples…

dam_5802 eThen one last swim as the adults pack up…

But before Violet’s special day was over, one last thing…

dam_5806 fOur dear friend Melissa, who runs her hair and beauty salon from home, brought her ear-piercing gun.

dam_5821 eAnd our nine-year-old’s day was made.

dam_5830 e

Of course, a final concert put on by cousins and mates topped it off properly. One thing I can be sure of tonight… all kids (and adults) will sleep very, very well!

Are you on school holidays yet?

Hope your weekend held some special moments too…

10 Responses to “Daaaammmm!”

  1. Wow! Loved the action shots as well as the beautiful scenery there. Love to all, esp the new 9 year old again! Oh No, look at thoses ears!!!! Mx

  2. Oh God, how envious I am of those kids in that water! Sauna like in Brisbane today and the TV (Cricket) has messages of severe storms approaching. (hopefully not TOO severe!)
    Getting quite dark from the Gold Coast and some build up west of Mt.Cootha area.
    Hope you have had rain up in your region?

  3. Schooool Hooolidaaaays! So welcome here after a very long year.

  4. So glad that they all had a great time.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Why did the duck cross the road… or Shoe Part 4 I suppose…)

  5. What a delightful day!! (And gorgeous photos documenting it). Congrats to Violet on the piercing!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Fall foliage

  6. Now you’ve made me want to go camping! Such a gorgeous place, and you spent time with family and friends. A bittersweet school holidays for me, I am not having any more school holidays! After 23 years of having a child at school, my baby has finished this year. It is a strange feeling, relief mixed with a little grief at the very fast passing of the years.

    Enjoy every moment people, before you know it your children are all grown up. Which is not a bad thing, just a life full of different things. Now for that camping!
    FionRK´s last blog post ..Hoya densifolia

  7. Happy birthday once again, Violet. It looks like it was well and truly celebrated!
    debby´s last blog post ..Cuteness overload.

  8. Same moon. Different weather. Happy Birthday Violet!

  9. It’s getting a bit late for a Birthday wish Violet, but anyway Best wishes. That was a lovely story in pictures Amanda. It looks like everyone enjoyed the dam very much. Merry Xmas to you @ your Family.

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