Heatwave New Year…

Well HELLO you lot!  And Happy New Year…

It’s been quite a start to 2014 here.  Like many parts of Oz, we have been SWELTERING.  Big time.


It’s been http://translatingfashion.com getting VERY close to 50C in some parts which is just plain hellish.

house_7350IN fact, our deck did it’s best to self-combust several times this week – these temps were recorded on Monday.

weather2I know.

Inside was better, but considering the air-conditioning WAS working, this result at my computer seemed a bit ordinary…

weather3We have been doing our level best to stay cool – and to keep the animals relatively cool too…

Watering points are checked almost daily to ensure supply is keeping up with demand… we are lucky that many paddocks also offer some creek or river access too, to offer fresh clean water to our stock.

weather_7677These two young bull calves were sipping from the cialis 20mg online creek around 4.30pm yesterday.

axel_7330Axel has his own technique of relieving the heat…


I am not sure whether he is drinking or just cooling his chops here.  He certainly didn’t mind the spray!

The sprinkler is also being shared with the ducks – who are feeling the temps as badly as anything…

weather_7348They were vying for position directly in front of the sprinkler!

weather_7344We have also got the sprinkler going on the dog kennels and the pups are getting extra water in the hay shed.

As I type this (around 5.30pm) the temp on our deck is still sitting at around 40C.

weather_7714The next few days don’t look to hold much relief either…

weather1Please God let Monday’s forecast be right – 33C and 20mm of rain sounds pretty much like Heaven right now. In the meantime I am going for (yet another) swim!


 Anyone else copping a furnace blast to start the New Year? 

Or maybe the opposite end of the temperature scale (for my visitors from the Northern Hemisphere)?

23 Responses to “Heatwave New Year…”

  1. Crikeys – it is like living in a fan-forced oven today. 43 here and blowing a desert gale. Yet what an incredible country we live in – three years ago most of QLD and northern NSW was under water. A country that knows no moderation.

  2. Phew is an understatement!!!! My unit gets the full blast of the afternoon sun and the heat off the road sends the thermometer into cyberspace! 48c today at 3.00 pm! Thankfully for unknown reasons the evenings are still cooling down. I am dreading tomorrow, hope you are not watching the news for our beloved “saunaville” Saturday?
    You are fortunate having all that water in the rivers for the stock.
    Quite correct Mandy – no moderation is correct re: weather in Australia!

  3. Definitely cooler outside the house than inside today – and cooler again in the local IGA so really enjoyed doing the groceries at a leisurely pace!!!
    jeanie´s last blog post ..The Quadrennial Parisienne Review

  4. A little worse out here in the wild west – so so hot – sending me a little mad I think…they need rain so badly out here…I hope they get it soon (as we are driving out next Friday would be awesome but if we get rained in for a few day I am ok with that too ;)

  5. Here in the valley of the great Ohio
    River, the woods are lovely – dark and deep but covered with a fresh coat of snow and ice, Temp is 11F and all is grand outside my big screen kitchen window. BUT colder temps are on the way. Ya’ll are welcome to drop by and take a roll in the snow to cool down.

  6. Ick, ick, ick … I never thought I’d say it but I’ll keep my tropics weather thanks (mind you they say the heat is heading for the coast). Our Sat has a predicted top of 35 with humidity … okay back track I’ll take the dry heat any day! Days like what you are having are like a furnace that you can’t seem to escape from. I hope that rain comes too and you are completely correct about our fickle Aussie weather, it likes to take us to the extreme. Stay cool and enjoy many, many, many more swims.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Beach Goers

  7. Our windchill low tonight is SUPPOSED to be minus 27F. We’ll try and stay toasty thinking of you!

  8. I really do feel for you, but I’d much rather deal with heat than cold (for myself). As for my animals, it might be easier to keep them comfortable in the cold.

    I love the shot of Axel with the sprinkler!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Reading Wrap-up for 2013

  9. Too bad we can’t share and mix our thermometers. The middle ground would a nice relief for both of us.
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  10. Yep, it’s hot in Cairns too, a little cooler up the hill. So glad I didn’t do my Hoya cuttings or they would be crispy fried. Dogs are getting watering cans a couple of times a day and the pool is taking a beating. Rain will come though, and then instant greenery. Stay cool everyone.

  11. *whimper*
    I’d be joining Axel under the sprinkler!
    Jayne´s last blog post ..January 4 Rations are low, send more coffee and chocolate

  12. It’s always so odd seeing how hot it is in your part of the world, BB. Here in Maryland, in the USA, we’re in the middle of a freeze. There’s snow on the ground, it’s colder than it’s been all winter so far, and coming here to your part of the world actually makes me feel a little warmer.
    Kate´s last blog post ..When snow falls, nature listens

  13. Your high is due to be 106. We’re at a perfect 0. We’ll put those temps in a bucket, shake vigorously, and voila! We have 53 degrees each (12 degrees celsius.)
    debby´s last blog post ..Happy New Year from our house to yours…

  14. In case anyone is still listening – hit 43C in shade, 45C on deck in dappled sunlight, and still 35C at 9.30pm. Am letting Axel sleep in a/c tonight. Seriously. Would put all dogs in here if they’d fit!! Ker-ay-zee…

    • Beat you! My balcony thermometer / gauge
      hit 50c/120 Fahrenheit – thanks to the road and cement heat! Thankfully a cool change arrived from God only knows where, but most welcome. Thank God the temperatures drop for the rest of the week.
      I have rewarded the poor gauge, I put it in the fridge before it blew up.

    • Yikes. Oh my goodness.
      debby´s last blog post ..Confronting an Old Demon

  15. Hey Bush Babe, what’s cooking? Darn, that’s HOT. My second reaction is “where’s the rest of your thermometer?” I see it only goes down to -30°C.

    Here in the Canadian Prairies we are enduring -35°C temperatures with a -50°C windchill. Our entire province is under windchill warnings.

    I’m joining the line of those in favor of sending you some cool air in exchange for a little of that heat.

  16. OMG, we are n the middle of a blizzard here with high winds and blowing drifting snow. Temps later will be near 0 F. I agree with Bill, come have a roll in the snow, LOL!
    As soon as you cool off you will run for the house and the fireplace.

  17. Oh yes Canada, I can’t compete with you.

  18. Oh, to have some heat! We woke up to -24F this morning and winds blowing at 14 mph. It is so cold, but hopefully will end soon.