Testing, testing – Oh one four!

*tap tap*

This thing on again?

Well GDAY there… fancy seeing you here! If you have tried to visit in the past three days, you will know I have had some BIG problems with this site.

Bigger even than this guy…
hot_7864 e

I apologise for the unfriendly page you got to see instead of my (usually very welcoming) home page.  I would like to explain what the problem was. But I won’t. Not because I don’t want to… just because I have no real idea.

And while plenty of tech-savvy people have tried to explain to me, it all ends up sounding like Klingon to me.  My brain is just not wired to nerd-speak.  I am still very much a ‘Babe in the Woods’ when it comes to tech stuff – the lack of skill that partly-inspired my blog name has not improved! I go all blurry and out-of-focus…

Suffice to say someone finally felt sorry enough for me to fix the glitch and let me back on on the World Wide Web.  I’m like one of the drivers on a freeway who knows where the accelerator and gears are, but has no clue what’s under the bonnet.


So basically my 36 hours of  much-anticipated ‘holiday’ this last weekend had a nasty edge of blog-down stress to it.  I know. Silly but true.  I felt for my regular readers urgently messaging me telling me my site had vanished … I really need to at least work out where the oil goes in this thing, don’t I?

What has happened since my last post then?  Aside from being sent to virtual Siberia…

2014 certainly hasn’t started smoothly for us – heat and dry cause stress at the best of times, and we have had some other issues making things tough too.  Nothing I can blog about, suffice to say that the festive season has had its moments.  And has also meant our lead-up to branding (a busy time at any cattle property and especially on a cattle stud) has been less-than-ideal.  We have our heads down now, getting organised and looking to get through it safely.


We are still mourning this darling girl. Deeply.  I keep finding photos I have taken of our sweet little Pistol Annie, but cannot even bring myself to edit them.  Blimmin’ horses and their damned ability to steal your heart so fast – they have no right to head off to Heaven after just nine days.  Not fair.

One 2014 thing which was lovely was a whole new batch of virtual visitors who arrived thanks to a lovely share on the RM Williams OUTBACK magazine Facebook page, where I detailed some of the story behind our enormous old swimming pool. (The blog story from back in 2008 is here)

pool_7858 e

Lots of people thought it looked idyllic. Which it can be, when it is CLEAN and clear. We know we are lucky to have it, but MAN it takes some keeping like the pic above!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing people swim in it – an unused clean pool is a serious waste of resources! (Anyone interested in being our pool boy?)

I also have been keeping an eye on weather radars and Facebook sites for our compatriots out west who have been battling heat and drought – delighted for those who have been lucky enough to get under some storms, and aching for those who haven’t.  We do need rain here again, but not quite as desperately as some.  It’s been more than a month since we had any kind of fall and with the huge heatwave our pastures are starting to really feel it.  A monsoon season (without the crazy flooding of last year) would be really lovely.

Anyway, I must away to prepare for our next bout of mustering.


Like these guys I am looking forward to a little outside action.  I know that I need some fresh air after swearing at my computer and the internet in general a lot this morning. Heh.

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys…

Hoping to have lots of cute calf photos to share over the next week or so.

Much ♥

11 Responses to “Testing, testing – Oh one four!”

  1. Well done or to whoever did the fix. I was sick of that bloody Alligator staring at me.
    Why can’t we at least have a crocodile??
    Good to know that the “west” has got rain – wonderful to see the creeks and dams with water in them. A storm is presently passing over here. I suspect more will follow, only comes in short bursts, which is annoying, but still welcome.
    Yep, I’ll become first candidate for the “pool” boy that’s if 70 year olds are “boys”. Young Dash would probably be worked overtime with my directions as I wallow around on my pool mattress!!!! Then when it comes to the full empty mode, well I’ll direct from the patio with drink in hand.
    Do I get the job???????

  2. All parts of a life. The fabulous beauty, and the pain that makes us all appreciate the wonder all that much more. So sorry for the troubles, but so glad you share with us, and I hope the sharing helps lighten the load at least a tiny bit. Sending my hopes that things improve for you and yours, and for us all this year.

  3. As one of those people who messaged you re: your blog, I am sorry to think that the stress of it took the glow off your much needed vacation. But, like Colin, I am pleased to see dogs and horses instead of that ‘gater. Welcome back. I can’t help but wonder ~ how is your poor Yvette doing?
    debby´s last blog post ..Apology

  4. You make me smile. Have a fun day!

  5. Well, given I normally stop in to visit when I see on Twitter that you have a new entry, I was blissfully unaware of your problems. It was only when I saw something in Jeannie’s last post that I tried popping in and got that very unfriendly page! Glad to see you back and really looking forward to your promised posts! You know I love baby cows. ;)

    Oh…and I totally understand about a pool. It’s why ours finally got filled in!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Oatmeal

  6. Photos are particularly gorgeous today. Glad you got out of blog purgatory. I’m exactly the same re: innard knowledge. Hope 2014 begins to look up for you.
    Mrs Catch´s last blog post ..Self Esteem

  7. A goanna hole next to the pool. Extraordinary. There would not be too many older pools around anywhere in Australia.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Livery

  8. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even see the alligator! I’ve been busy with things in my new apt. and visiting with new neighbors. Whatever caused the problem, I’m so very glad it’s fixed!

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