Outback Paparazzi!

Did you manage to chase up my last post, with the teaser for a BIG ANNOUCEMENT?

Well, if you didn’t, or aren’t really a Facebook-kinda person, then let me share it with you here.

Last week I had a bit of a brainwave (or brain-snap, or whatever) and wondered what would happen if some of my favourite bush photographers and observers of bush life, got together in one place?  One virtual place, because the geographical spread of these people was kinda huge.

And then I thought… well, why not ask them and see what they say?

And you know what?

They all SAID YES!

They said LET’S DO IT!

And they even loved the crazy name I’d happened on for this meeting place… you wanna see? Alright then, you twisted my arm…

When Bush Babe of Oz (that’s me)…

outbackpapsBBand Aticia from Miss Grey Photography

and Gemma from Rural Miss

outbackpapsRMand Ann from Ann Britton Photography…

outbackpapsAB and Courtney from Bush Chook Photography

outbackpapsBCand author Fleur McDonald


…all get together to have a little fun, bush-style, it happens HERE:

outbackpaps1aA special group facebook page we have set up to share our love of the land, this life, the wildlife, the characters and even (sometimes) the weather.

We have been a little blown away by the support so far…


and then…


and on just day three, we are heading towards 3000 likes.

Unreal, banana peel.

We are sharing photos, quotes, causes and some typical bush humour… and we have some Big Ideas about where we’d like to go with it all.

It’s a proper piece of Girl Power in action and I am stunned at how it’s taking off.

There will be more blog-related action as it all unfolds, and I promise that there will still be PLENTY of BB of Oz action* going on quite seperate from Outback Paparazzi, but for now I just invite you to come on over and check it out.

If you are already there, thanks for your support and hope you keep on enjoying the ride!  I, for one, am holding on for dear life…

*More on iTunes the foal soon I promise!

5 Responses to “Outback Paparazzi!”

  1. Well done on a great idea Bush Babe!

  2. Amanda

    I don’t touch Facebook with a 4,000 klms long pole. Longer if possible, but 4,000 will do for present. The Aussie expression is a 40 foot pole! I just extended it.
    Some “creature” in about 2008, via Facebook, got my e-mail address. How remains one of those mysteries?? All hell broke loose, put comments on all my e-mail address people, family and friends. Getting rid of this young whipper-snapper from Melbourne and his “disgusting” comments /invites to us, (even accessed photos of us) – the less said on this the better – all cost each of us to get in a Commuter IT expert (not the cheapest of people to home visit) and remove all chances of his revisit. I was not the flavour of the month – and the mongrel was persistent – went viral as they do to friends in the US,Canada, UK and Switzerland. Oh it was shits ville.
    I hope you have better success with your efforts.
    Any worthwhile rain yet? Strange still down in BNE – I guess the weather “gods” forgot about the sauna like usual February conditions – no complaints from me.
    Bits of rain, good for lawns and gardens, every day?????

  3. I rather like Bush Chook’s Kelpies. I hope the project works out.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Early days of a bathroom reno

  4. From your little preview here, it looks like a very talented group! I don’t do FB (so I can’t join in the fun), but hope it’s a roaring success!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Bird watching

  5. Over 3000 followers now, BB!!
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Co-inspirational…

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