The Great Grass Roots Auction

I am girding myself to do a post here about the drought.  Our drought.  Our views.  Our battle.

I try very hard not to focus on the negative sides of life out here – let’s face it, who wants to hear a whinge session?  Everyone has their battles and I do love that this place is little haven away from YOUR every day.  Even I use it to ‘keep my chin up’ at times!  I sneak back and check out the great parts of my life that I share.  They make me smile. And yes, I am aware that this qualifies as ‘stalking’ myself… heh.

But today I am sharing a project the girls and I at Outback Paparazzi are putting on to help other farmers facing much worse conditions than we are.

This exciting fund-raising venture is taking place over at the Outback Paparazzi page – raising funds to assist in getting 1000 (large) bales of hay on 20 trucks from Western Australia across to the east coast.  You can read about it here and here.  What an almighty project!

We wanted to help out – so each of us have donated items (included postage within Australia) towards raising money for fuel to help these trucks make their destination.  We have called our effort to support this venture (and maybe down the track, others like it) the Grass Roots Auction.  Because each of us know what this drought can do first-hand.  We are AT the coal face, or if you like, the grass roots.

Here are some of the images on offer …

1981223_10152297787936350_2098579023_oBy Aticia at Miss Grey Photography.


1418846_10152297788591350_734020685_oBy Aticia at Miss Grey Photography.

1947736_10152326663075530_1978018889_nBy Courtney at Bush Chooks Photography.

1902831_10152211098613400_1162482750_nBy Ann at Ann Britton Photography.

1530401_488985587890526_486023128_nBy Gemma at Rural Miss.

IBA aussie wildlife_PRINT E

Aussie Wildlife. By me. :-)floods_7789 a2a fBarbed Raindrop. By moi also.

And then there are two lots of books too.

Fleur McDonald with her spanking new release, Crimson Dawn. 1978586_490609104394841_1089486814_oI read it in just over 24 hours. I tried to slow down. I DID. But it was good. So I inhaled. *sigh*. Highly recommended!

Fleur has donated TEN copies – all personally signed – to the Grass Roots Auction.

Then, this week, this bloke chipped in too…

cooks_5312 fThe inspiring Rob Cook – if you haven’t read about him, yet, you should.

He has also donated a copy of his amazing autobiography to the cause.

rob cook bookSo please – pop over and check it out.  I have link each item to the page on which you can bid.

I know I haven’t given you much time but it only takes a few seconds to ‘bid’ via comment on your favourite item.


9 Responses to “The Great Grass Roots Auction”

  1. It’s such a wonderful collection of photographs (along with the books, too, of course).

    I know I’m far, far away and not of much use in this, but I do wish you well in your efforts and hope you raise LOTS of money!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..How I Became a Teenage Survivalist by Julie L. Casey

    • We actually had a buyer from the USA Kelly! And one from New Zealand too – support from all over. Greatly appreciated too. :-)

  2. Amazing photographs and a wonderful cause.
    LindaP´s last blog post ..Spring is…Springing

  3. You are to be congratulated for being part, seems a major part, of this wonderful enterprise.
    I have been sent from Colorado, USA a web link:
    Michele Payn-Knoper’s “Farm and Ranch Blog”.
    I see you are listed so all your blog reports can be read World Wide via this link. Also another from Australia and comments on your blog – Fleur McDonald. Congratulations to both of you.

  4. So very proud to see what you are all accomplishing over there. You have come such a long way since the day that I first got hooked on your blog all those years ago. Again, good on you! Good on you all!
    debby´s last blog post ..Today

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