Easter efforts

So, that was Easter… a long weekend at the end of the Queensland School holidays, which was chocolate-filled and action-packed.

Is there any other way to be?

Among our activities of choice was attending a local show (some 100km from home).  It’s a one-day agricultural show(case) including many horses, cattle, dogs and much food.

The cute factor was pretty high too…

josie_4294 fThis is J. She is the daughter of our kids’ teacher and gorgeousness itself.

Especially with giant lollipops in hand…

Our two were up for some more ‘serious’ action – Junior Cattle Judging .

mtperry_4222They were a scrum of business before the event, decked out in their special shirts, good jeans and boots, and appropriate ‘dress’ Akubra hats.

mtperry_4277 fTheir task was to judge four beautiful Brahman heifers like this one – the beauty on the left I mean!  She was my pick, with her fabulous polled* head. (*No horns)
mtperry_4236 f


The patience of the handlers and cattle is pretty noteworthy – there were a LOT of kids wandering around making notes (often at almost point-blank range).  These heifers were fabulously quiet.


mtperry_4234 fViolet getting down and serious about her work…

mtperry_4241Some classmates in action too…

mtperry_4248 fA bit of a conference as scoring is wrapped up…

mtperry_4264 fDash describing his judgement and reasons for places….

mtperry_4258 f

Violet, flash belt and buckle on show, does her thing too.

It’s nerve-wracking for the kids, but fantastic public-speaking experience.  We were so proud of both of ours, and noticed a huge improvement since last years’ judging events.

mtperry_4282 fAnd Dash confounded himself by getting equal-first prize in the Junior Section… what a week he has had (after celebrating his birthday on Wednesday – pics to come!)

mtperry_4287 f

Our boy in blue with his blue ribbon! (Loving the photo bomb from one of his mate’s little brothers).

We have two more shows coming up in the next two weekends too…

Cannot wait to see our kids have another crack at their events, and spotting more photo opps like this…
josie_4289 fHope your Easter had some (country) fun too!

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  1. That looks like fun and well done to the kids on Junior cattle judging … I haven’t taken part in that comp but I have done the cooking, pumpkins, eggs, grains and bales. It is a great experience. You not only learn a lot about what you are judging and how it is judged but you gain confidence too.
    Anne@GritandGiggles´s last blog post ..Ita Follow Up

  2. Isn’t it thrilling to look at those pictures of your kids and get a foreshadowing of the adults they will become? Gave ME goosebumps, anyway.
    debby´s last blog post ..William Pulls a Fast One

  3. What a great opportunity for the kids – congrats to Dash on his blue ribbon.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..A Two-Purpose Post

  4. I love country kids. The opportunities that our life style gives our kids; you have to be so proud of them Amanda. Our kids showed their chooks, lots of pride in presentation etc. Our eldest son wood chopped with his father; that was nerve racking. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What wonderful experience for kids and I think they all took it very serious. Is it normal to have rings in cow noses? I don’t remember ever seeing that here in Florida.

    • Yes, all grown cattle have nose-rings (a little like our earrings) to help lead. Very little pressure is usually put on it, unless the animal really looks to take off. :-)

      • Here in Florida we see rings in bulls only I think, I grew up in Ohio on a farm and never saw a ring in a female, I think that is why it seemed so surprising to me.

  6. And the years speed by on wings of gossamer… Or in their case on wings of leather and silver. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the birthday celebration. Wow-another birthday comes around–how quickly the decades pass.
    Lynda M Otvos´s last blog post ..Creativity Starts…

  7. My teeth hurt from the sight of that lollipop!

    Congratulations to Dash on the ribbon.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..And how was your day?

  8. Nancy in Savannah Reply April 26, 2014 at 2:05 am

    What a fun AND educational event! I know how proud you are of your 2 wranglers. Give them hugs from me!!

    • Shall do Nancy – any excuse! We are proud of them – just for having a go. Public speaking is a big deal for country kids not used to crowds!

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