Holly’s Hurrah

As you already know, Sunday wasn’t the highlight of our week. It was, on the whole, a day I hope never have to relive.

There were a couple of saving graces to it however.

One was a visit to my parents – we needed some shared moments to gather ourselves after losing our darling Holly.

And the other happened on the trip home from their place…

As the kids and I came over the range, and into the open for the last part of our journey, this met us.

sunsetholly_7828 e

sunsetholly_7810 e

sunsetholly_7823 e

And this…

sunsetholly_7865 e

hollysunset_7856 eAnd this…


hollysunset_7842 eAnd then…

sunsetholly_7869 e

Even though I was exhausted in every way, I just couldn’t drive past and not record it somehow.  I kept stopping the car, Violet wordlessly handing me the camera.  Again. Rolling her eyes by the end, but exclaiming with me later at the images from this 10 minutes worth of our drive.

It seems to me that (so often in our lives) days of loss end spectacularly.

(I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?)

It felt like Holly’s Last Hurrah.

The most beautiful day’s end yet.

9 Responses to “Holly’s Hurrah”

  1. Amanda, I am so very sorry for this third loss in such short time. May memories help ease the loss. And yes, that was one gorgeous sunset to cap off a very bad day. My heart stretches to touch yours.
    Lynda M Otvos´s last blog post ..Recommendation for Recovery Website

  2. What a fitting end to the day. I hope it lifted you spirits a bit and reminded you of beauty in the world when things are hard.
    Anne@Grit and Giggles´s last blog post ..Jojo the Entertainer

  3. Damn…1st tissue today.
    But yes…like Anne said…a beautiful reminder that the world does have a lot of beauty…and Holly was a big part of that.
    More hugs…hope you are all doing better today.

  4. The heavens are welcoming our girl.xxxx

  5. So so beautiful!

  6. Spectacular views. I’m glad you had a glimpse of joy considering the circumstances.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

  7. So sad you’re beautiful friend is gone. But what a send-off! Those are prize winning pictures and I’ll bet your enthusiasm for photography will rub off on that eye-rolling daughter. You’re passing on quite a legacy.

  8. yes, I had noticed that, when you reach the end of a particularly bad day…the world seems to draw breath and give you the opportunity to do the same.

    what gorgeous photos. Like a little glimpse of heaven?

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