Jewellery in the mist…

I think one of the things Mother Nature does best, is the ‘fleeting still moment’.

You know, where suddenly something that was humdrum five seconds ago, is suddenly decidedly exotic.

Like barbed wire in the fog.
fog_7549 f

For that very finite time (between dawn and the sunshine breaking through the fog) magical strings of crystal clear pearls appear draped between the barbs.

fog_7555 eTeeny tiny fairy-sized ropes of dew droplets….

fog_7572 eAnd I wonder if the spiders admire the beauty they have unwittingly played host to?

fog_7582 eOr if they just shrugged their (multiple) shoulders and hope for a ‘good drying day’?

fog_7611 eIt’s not only the fencelines that sport this delicate jewellery…

fog_7620 eOur Liquid Amber tree is home to a treasure trove between 6.30am and 9…

fog_7616 eWith more traditional shaped webs transformed by the heavy morning air…

fog_7599 eSuddenly apparent against their colourful anchorpoints and saying ‘Ta DAH!’ before the warm sunshine melts away the miniscule diamonds, and they meld once more to the autumn colours of the tree.

Any ‘Fleeting Still Moments’ going on at your place?


4 Responses to “Jewellery in the mist…”

  1. Gorgeous – and nothing like winter for that “very finite time (between dawn and the sunshine breaking through the fog) ” to be long enough to enjoy and not so early that there is not focus (nearly typed fucos, so late nights also on the outer)
    jeanie´s last blog post ..The Galactical Women’s Rant about lurgies and other societal ailments

  2. So very lovely. I’m still smiling at the mental image of multiple shoulders shrugging. :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

  3. Very nice, thank you. If not for the fog and moisture one might never know that webs dance along the barb wire.

  4. Very pretty!
    Anne@Grit and Giggles´s last blog post ..Between the Tracks

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