Parties ain’t Parties…

There are all kinds of kids’ parties – pool parties, pirate parties, princess parties… and of course, pony parties.

Not ALL pony parties are equal however… and the one we were lucky enough to attend on the school holidays was a cracker.

It was the kind of Pony Party where you BRING YOUR OWN PONY.


Not ONLY did guests bring their own steed…

telemark_9444 e

And have marble cake in a horse theme … (with blueberries)

telemark_9402 eAnd have a horseback treasure hunt…

telemark_9465 e

They THEN got to work cattle.  AS you do…

My sister’s daughter Salina brought Winchester (we share him)…
telemark_9512 eDash brought Chimmy

telemark_9522 eThis pair have got some MOVES…

_9519Violet brought Sandy


They had a ball.  But of course, even all this was not quite horsey enough excitement for our daughter.

Remember that gorgeous little black-and-white led pony in that first photo?

This one second from the right?

telemark_9444 eHis name is Hoppy.

And little Hoppy, whilst clearly utterly gorgeous, needed a bit of ‘sorting out’.  Apparently the little varmint gets a bit naughty when it is OFF the lead, and the grey pony to the left was also being a bit of a possum… so Violet and my cousin’s daughter thought they’d help out.  They leapt aboard the two little ponies and THIS is what ensued…

telemark_9574 eI am imagining some kind of cowgirl/western/gun-slingin’ theme music here..

telemark_9557Please note two things…

1)the size of this horse against the cattle (about six inches shorter) and

s) the fact that Violet couldn’t get her boots in the stirrups (they are ‘little kid’ ones with the toes closed in).

telemark_9609 eNice extended trot there, Hoppy.

telemark_9610 eI can just SEE that naughtiness starting to hubble and bubble though those incredible pale eyes though, can’t you?

telemark_9576He’s thinking, I’ve just about had enough of you little woman.

Do you think he knows who he is dealing with?

Here we go… lining up a steer…

telemark_9577 eAnd it BEGINS…

telemark_9579 eCrow hopping and properly propping …

telemark_9580 1eAnd ducking and weaving…


Ride ‘em COWGIRL!!

telemark_9588eThe crowd went wild (we were cheering so hard I missed our daughter letting go both reins and giving a double Victory punch as Hoppy decided to give it up – would have been interesting to see what would have happened had he thrown in a buck then!).

Did you notice that her smile NEVER SLIPPED through the whole thing?  It still makes me giggle…

So to recap.

Our son:

telemark_9522 bw feGorgeous, collected, pretty to watch.

Our daughter:

telemark_9580 bweCOWGIRL UP!

Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them!


PS Yes, Violet did have quite impressive bruises on the inside of her knees. Show and tell!

14 Responses to “Parties ain’t Parties…”

  1. Absolutely bloody excellent kids and photos. Congratulations !

  2. Oh Amanda, what a great party. So much fun and action and you captured it; well most of it. priceless memories. Great kids & a proud Mum.

  3. Now that sounds like every young horse lovers dream. Love that the girls decided to sort out those ponies. What is it with small horses and attitude. Love the ‘rodeo’ shots, love all the shots.
    Anne@Grit and Giggles´s last blog post ..Cattana Wetlands

  4. Great photos and looks like heaps of fun.
    However, my youthful experiences with Shetland ponies were not the best! They can be such nasty little critters – they bite!
    Good to see you back on line.

  5. If I recall (and my memory can be dusty), ponies of such ilk do much better with low branches, steep inclines and sudden stops if they REALLY want to test the rider – but so glad that the photos were of that particular cowgirl staying atop that little wild one. Oh, and my daughter looks quite composed on the not so little one. :)
    jeanie´s last blog post ..a very pertinent Friday night question…

  6. Dash and Chimmy look so beautiful and Violet is just a bronc champ! Maybe female bronc riding is going to make a comeback xx

  7. The first thing that I did notice was that your girl did not stop smiling through the whole battle of the wills. And I thought to myself, ‘Well, I know who she gets THAT from…’ The party was a cracker, alright, but so were your pictures.
    debby´s last blog post ..Hard to swallow.

  8. What a celebration! Such beautiful kids. You must be proud
    Mrs Catch´s last blog post ..Holiday

  9. I can honestly say I’ve never been to a “pony party” like that, nor even heard of one!!

    It looks like a wonderful time was had by all (including the naughty ponies) and I love the pony cake! Looks delicious!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Squash sex

  10. Oh my… thank you for making me smile! Those little ones sure can have a big attitude! Way to go Violet!

  11. It looks like fun was had by all. Those ponies sure can be trying. Loved the photos Amanda.

  12. I LOVED this post! Kudos to Violet for her shetland taming skills — she obviously loved it. Happy, not so much, but he has been having his way with his little riders for long enough. Cute doesn’t count for everything and he isn’t going to learn that any younger.
    GREAT post!

  13. That is so awesome! Your kids are excellent riders!

  14. Man! Gotta love that cake! Looks like a fab day. And way to go, Violet ;) x

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