Rules of BB’s house

I love that you are taking precious time from your day to visit me – welcome to the fray.  You will find that my other visitors are a fabulous bunch of people with great wit and passion for life.  I have been amazingly lucky in my comment section, with very little troll activity to report.

In order to keep it that way a couple of quick ground rules:

1. Feel free to comment anonymously - but can I suggest leaving at least some initials or a pseudonym at the end of the comment. I try to respond here and there and it’s nicer to be able to address people, don’t you think? (Plus it gives me a hint which of my friends is coming out of the woodwork!)

2. Be constructive - I intend this to be a place my children and mother can visit. So I don’t mind criticism or spelling corrections at all. But be outright rude (to me or other visitors) and I’ll delete your comment.  Be warned.

3. I don’t mind links being included in comments - if you have written something relevent at your blog/website then feel free to add it in to a comment.  This is not an advertising space however.  All spammers will be dealt with (I have my whip at the ready and I am not afraid to use it).

4.  Enjoy your stay.  I am opening this virtual window into my part of the world because … well, it would be a crime not to.    To me, its beauty is simultaneously timeless and fleeting.  Ever-changing.  And it would be awful to have you miss any of it…

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