Rogues Gallery


MR INCREDIBLE is an incredibly reluctant blog star.

itunes_9804  eHe is also a long-suffering superhero who can ride a horse, fix a fence, lift heavy objects, save wayward dogs and clean out a blocked cistern like a professional.

Plus he’s a babe.  (I married him so I should know!)


VIOLET is nine going on 29 – sweet and dimpled and not to be trifled with.


Her powers include a special force field known simply as the Black Frown, which can (and has) stopped grown men in their tracks.  She then flashes those dimples, magically removing all memory of  The Frown from her victims. (Not unlike the similarly-named character from ‘The Incredibles’).

violet_1606 fShe rides Sandy these days – who, like his rider, is a palomino with attitude.

DASH is a true superhero – he is a heartkid, is a talented rider, world champion daydreamer and is generally considered invincible.


He is eleven years old and CAN run extremely fast for short bursts (although not on water, despite a great deal of practice on the Shrek swamp) … as long as a caramello bar is waiting at the finish line. dash

He is very huggable, eats mountains of food, yet remains in search of a real backside.  He is Chimmy’s rider, and adores fishing, Indiana Jones and sharks…


Trooper - Mr Incredible’s main partner-in-crime/work (besides his ever-lovin’ missus).  Sometimes referred to as Trooper Looper by kids, as in Abba’s “Trooper Looper, lights are gonna find me…”).  He is tall and handsome too.

Pickles* and Sandy –  Dash’s and Violet’s mounts (respectively) their place in the Granite Glen menagerie is paramount.  And they know it… both adore attention and snacks over the house fence. (Pickles is tragically no longer with us and we feel his absence every day).

telemark_9522 e

Chimmy – Dash’s new steed… he is young and spry and awesome, challenging our young jackaroo to the next level.


bayleaf_8191 eBay Leaf – a poddy of enormous charm who has grown into a cow of hilarious character.  She doesn’t even have to try…

There are many more horses and cows around the ridges at Granite Glen… too many to list here.  (Search under ‘horses’ and ‘cattle’ if you are curious!)


Axel: Large and ludicrous, Axel (Rose-berry the First) entered our lives as a nine-week-old puppy in 2009.  He has since completely taken over the front porch, our hearts and lives.

He is, however, constantly reminded that he is NOT top of the pecking order by our cat..

Middy: Our midnight-black witch’s cat is half-wild, half Angelina Jolie.  She already owned the Granite Glen house when we moved back here three years ago.  She still does.  Axel never stood a chance.


BB is not really a babe, but does live in the bush and has already babbled on about herself here.

She is not all that keen on having her own photo taken or navel-gazing, and really, this place is supposed to be about her world. She is much more at ease when she shuts up and gets busy with that camera… she understands that the REAL star of this blog is this:

sunsetholly_7869 e

(Mother Nature, in case you missed it!)

There are, of course, many more characters included in the Granite Glen archives: Pagi (BB’s Dad), Nana (BB’s Mum), Jeanie In Paradise (BB’s sister) Salina (Jeanie’s horse-mad daughter) and Paris (Jeanie’s baby girl) and my brother ‘Pig’ are among ‘em…  no-one in my family is safe, in fact!  They are remarkably patient with the whole blogging thing really.

If you have a favourite you haven’t heard about in a while, feel free to contact me and ask for an update!


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