The final shoot

Tomorrow is my cousin Tom’s wedding.

He is my youngest cousin, and the most laidback character in our competitive, loving, chaotic family.


This is the view above his house… taken one foggy morning earlier this week. It’s among my favourite vistas, especially when clouds snuggle into the low-lying flats.
I have been the ‘official wedding photographer’ for three of my four cousins (the ones who grew up next door to us here at Granite Glen). And I took photos at the other one anyway. You can’t stop me really… it’s a disease I have.
And anyone who knows me well, knows that the role of Official Photographer is not a title I take on lightly… actually, I don’t do it for anyone else.
I get a little… well… worked up by this job. I am normally reasonably calm, but have actually been known to vomit with nerves as a wedding pap. There is a reason wedding photographers charge like wounded bulls – it’s not really an event you can reshoot if something stuffs up. And the people being photographed can tend to be a little tense, and on edge, and wanting you to make them look utterly glamorous… well, it’s just full on. But I love these guys, and it’s something I can do to make their day easier – having someone you know hanging around documenting your day makes the lead-up easier.
At least I hope it does….when I am not vomiting in the background anyway!
Tom’s fiance and I have been chatting in the lead up to this wedding – the LAST of the cousin’s weddings. And I have to say, the girl is probably the most easygoing bride to be I have ever come across. Honestly, when I seek details on what she wants, she just waves a hand in the air and asks me to ‘take some photos’.
Cool as a cucumber.
Mind you, she can be fun too – as this kind of behaviour (at Jeanie’s post-wedding lunch) might indicate:


But no-fuss would generally describe her. Apparently she loosens up after an ale… so rumour has it! But I am yet to discover if this laid-back-ness (is that even a word?) is going to translate into a huge blessing, or hard work. ‘Cause, as I mentioned earlier, Tom is pretty laidback too. Hardworking but laidback. And hard to coax into posing or being remotely serious…
For instance, at his sister’s wedding recently, this was the best he could come up with:
pre_0267 bwe
I call this the James Bond ‘bridesmaid’ pose.
And I am hoping that posting this photo will effectively bully him into behaving for the post-wedding photos tomorrow. But I have never had much luck in the bully department. And he is more likely to crack me up than buckle himself, and crack a serious wedding-y smile.
So y’all need to be wishing me luck.
I have a feeling this could be a wedding (and shoot) like no other.

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  1. if serious isn't what these people are, perhaps they're not the kind of photos they want. it might be that you'll have to sneak a few pictures while they don't know it. a few of my favourite photos from my wedding weren't posed but were accidents while bran and i relaxed for a second.

  2. Take them as they really are – candid, not 'posed'. And then they'll be the best wedding photos ever! I actually really love that James Bond bridesmaid pose! Why be serious at a wedding anyway?! We had an amateur photographer friend do our photos at our wedding (and let me tell you, not a patch on your photography!) – and we were happy without all the way too formal photography stuff.

  3. No matter what you get, your work will be, as always, amazing and unforgettable!!!

  4. Good luck but I am absolutely positive that all will be well.

    Happy wedding to the lovely couple!

  5. Having just gone through my daughters wedding in June, I hear you! I love taking pictures. Love, love, love it! But I do not think I could ever do a wedding. There is a reason people like me hire people like you. Everything you take is beautiful. As I'm sure these wedding pictures will be. They are lucky to have you doing their wedding. Your photography is what drew me to your blog and your wittiness is what keeps me coming back. :)
    Good luck on the pictures and best wishes to the happy couple.

  6. Sounds to me like this is going to be one fun wedding!
    Your photos are always fabulous – no worries there ;)

    Have fun – I'm sure the newlyweds will be thrilled with the photos you deliver.

  7. Love that last one….really great!

  8. Love the pics, fantastic!

  9. Elizabeth from the Gold Coast Reply August 15, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Congratulations to the happy couple…
    Can't wait to see some photos – you will do a fabulous job as you do with all the photography you post.

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