Weekend Wedding on Wednesday Wallow…


So, this week is shaping up as kinda busy for me – I am flitting about like a demented willy wagtail, barely home long enough to get the mountains of washing done and download a gazillion images after our wedding weekend in Big Town, before I am off again to the Other Big Town with Mr Incredible, and then BACK to the first Big Town again the following day (round trips of 6 hours each).

In order to pay some sort of attention to this blog, I am going to shut up (no, really) and share a couple of snaps from the wedding of my cousin Tom and his fiance Jay. They proved to be terrific models (oh ye of little faith, Bush Babe!) and maintained their relaxed demeanour throughout the ceremony, shoot and reception (with Tom delivering a stellar, heartfelt speech in his new role as husband). And he actually smiled on command… perhaps my bullying technique worked? (This argument would hold water if he actually read my blog. Which he doesn’t!)
Oh, did I say something about being quiet? Alrighty then
As the happy couple are still honeymooning on an exotic island, and have not had a chance to see their own photos yet, these are really just sneak peeks…
Glimpses of some little details as the bride got ready to walk down the aisle, in the glorious church her in-laws got hitched over three decades ago.
I adore tulips… cream and hot pink… divine!


Jay’s dress was softly silver and detailed without being fussy.

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So if Tom and Jay manage to get internet on their exotic honeymoon (and remember my blog address) I hope they enjoy this early review of their Big Day. Remember guys: There are only a gazillion more photos for you two to trawl through on your return!

I am adding a link here to my own wedding to the fabulous, long-suffering Mr Incredible. It’s only fair that if I share someone else’s wedding, that I share the ups and downs of my own, right? Cause it was not all plain sailing there, I can tell you! So if you have time and a good caffeine at hand, indulge a little further in the wedding wallow…

And if readers would like to share a little of their wedding experiences with photo shoots (or any nuptial-related tales really), I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. Feel free to leave links to blog posts to round it out for us… I’ll be back to peruse after I safely navigate a few laps of central Queensland …

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  1. Elizabeth from the Gold Coast Reply August 19, 2009 at 7:20 am

    Oh Bush Babe, the photos are just gorgeous, the newlyweds will be tickled pink with the results….You are one very talented lady….I hope you will post more wedding photos once the happy couple have seen them – I can't wait to see them.

    Now I'm off to look at your wedding photos.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. Just gorgeous – as I knew they would be! Tantalisingly so – hope you'll be able to share more with us as soon as the stars of the show get to see them!

  3. maybe i'll do that on my blog someday. it was actually a wonderful day with few snags. even my mom and i managed to avoid killing each other. a miracle according to my sister.

  4. http://weallhaveonemineisjustright.blogspot.com/2009/02/sealed-with-kiss-st-lucia-wedding-day.html


    OK, so here are two links to share some of my 2nd marriage pictures. we ran off to a tropical island to get married……eight months after our baby boy was born.He was a total shocker and such a joy and blessing. He was my third, but hubby's first! I was 42 when I delivered him!

  5. BTW…great sneek peeks…you are a fabulous photographer!

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