Sounds of Driving…

It’s late… my brain is a little fried from trying to help edit a promotional video for our cattle. More on that down the track. First, I thought I might share a little of what I have been singing along to in the Prado throughout my 600+ kilometre round trip today…
Thankfully, I had the car to myself. Nobody’s sensibilities were adversely affected by my terrible karaoke voice – although cannot vouch for those in other cars subjected to the vision of a woman in a white tank top flying past them lip-synching wildly to the following artists:
Firstly a little U2.. .
“Blue eyed boy meets brown eyed girl… ooohhhh oh..” *
Then a bout of Guy Sebastian
“I’m gonna wait ’til the stars come out… See them twinkle in your eyes…”
That boy can hit a falsetto that makes my eyes water!
Then, of course, some Dooby Brother’s
China Grove…

Truly one of the all-time great driving songs!
Tell me…
What music do you drive to?
What rocks your socks, makes you jive as you drive?
And (most importantly) are you as bad a singer as me?

Waiting your reply with bated breath…


*Would totally love to show these clips here but the rotten scoundrels have disabled embedding – some music companies are just no fun at all!

10 Responses to “Sounds of Driving…”

  1. Oh. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

    I saw the Doobie Brothers live, with Heart and Rush. And one of my most vivid memories is a bunch of soldiers stuffed into a car. We were stationed in San Antonio Texas and we were looking for China Grove (a sleepy little town just outside San Anton…). Never found it, but the trip was an adventure.

  2. My comments must not be making it through the ciber soup, did this one?
    I have been posting to you blog but I dont see my comments in the roll.
    I hope I didnt do anything to offend.

  3. I swear Debby (and I really don't like to swear), you've gone to some of the best concerts!!

    I'm pretty easy when it comes to what I'll sing along to. I have Satellite Radio in my car and usually keep it tuned to the 70s, one of three Classic Rock stations, Contemporary Christian or a jazz channel. So, pick a station, any station and I will probably start singing along (whether I'm really in tune with them or not). Well, not if it's on the jazz station. When singing comes on that one I tend to switch it. I like my jazz instrumental (which doesn't keep me from humming along).

    I spare my passengers (usually) and keep it to myself if I'm not alone.

  4. Hi Bush Babe

    Your blog turned up in my google alerts.

    I am huge fan of that falsetto myself.

    I love having Guy Sebastian blasting in the car!

    I also cannot carry a tune but I still have to sing.

    The Doobie Brothers – such a fantastic band!

  5. Summer in the City–Lovin' Spoonful, Good Vibrations–The Beach Boys

  6. For the last year (in honor of my ex) it was Sophie Milman singing (and me along with her) "Goodbye, so long, farewell, you fool". Take a listen, she's great.

    Other than that, I guess it's Pride & Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn and anything by Third Day.

    Thanks for the post — I love the Doobies, too, but for some reason don't have any CDs… may need to correct that situation…

  7. Lately Damian Rice, and god help the world if my Yoke yada yada something comes on. It's mayhem! And mayhem ain't pretty.

  8. Hi,BB-Juice Newton keeps me alert in deer country; but I can't get out of the yard
    without some Eagles. HR

  9. Gosh – loving these little glimpses into your car!! Fun… humming most of them as I read these.

    I have no idea about WIAW's Yoke (yada yada something) so if anyone has a link, I'll check it out too!

  10. Oh China Grove is such a great song! I love listening to classic rock in the car and i totally belt it out. Unfortunately for everyone in Utah, i drive a jeep and in the summer when the top is off everyone is subjected to my voice. not pretty. I love to listen to The Eagles, Led Zep, AC/DC… the list goes on and on :-)

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