Wee Little Worlds

I am supposed to be getting organised for a humungous week of action.
I am supposed to be folding and labelling and cleaning.
And packing for a whole week away from Granite Glen.
Instead I am here sharing some madness with you.
It’s all Katy’s fault.
Katy Potaty sent a suggestion to me via Twitter (yes, I am all kinds of twit) last week which managed to steal an hour of my time late one night…
It was this link with the following message:
This is a great photoshop tutorial. Great for your ranch photos!
(Amendment: Katy is NOT American, but seems to have been heavily influenced in her language by all things Yank…my mission is to have her saying ‘property’ instead of ‘ranch’ by the end of this week!)
Intrigued, I clicked and looked and discovered a WHOLE NEW WORLD.
In fact, it shows you how to make your own new worlds!!!
Think I’ve gone nuts (nuts-er?)?
The tutorial showed me yet ANOTHER corner of Photoshop
I had not explored, and described pretty simply how to turn this:
drive08_0683 e
into this:
drive08_0683 globe1e
How funky is that?? A wee little globe!
With a wee little church and a wee little tree…
(I’ve gone all Scottish, I’m not sure why!)
So of course I had to try something else…
drive_0188 pan e
This panoramic crop was more the proportions recommended in the tutorial…
drive_0188 pan globe1e
Tee hee hee…
This one makes me smile!
It’s a bit Ettamogah Pub-ish… what do you think?
This trick is a little bit addictive…

And I suddenly feel like Horton,
(anyone else Dr Suess nuts?)
where an elephant discovers a whole world on a speck of dust.
(I am the elephant in this scenario, in case you are wondering!)
Shall we try one more?dust_0075

This one is looking a little more Down the Rabbit Hole meets the Outback.sunset dust_0075 globe e

A little surreal?

Actually it looks a little like an eyeball, no?

It’s time to stop messing with the world methinks…

and start packing!

12 Responses to “Wee Little Worlds”

  1. That is so cool. But it's not going to save your behind when your family doesn't have clean underwear for a week. Get packing, sister!

  2. Whoa! That's really neat!!

  3. Elizabeth from the Gold Coast Reply October 11, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Wow – that really puts a spin on things!

    Happy Humungous Week….

  4. I adore the spinning ones!


  5. Are you sure those images weren't really caused by you and your trusty camera on a buzz?

    Nancy the Yank

  6. That is fantastic, BB!
    That top one reminds me of the Wizard of Oz lol.

  7. They are crazy photos!!!! But very clever.

  8. I love these!!! I think they are so cool. They would look great framed and hanging on a wall. I'm going to try it with some of my pics. Maybe I'll find some of a cool RANCH ;-)

  9. These are AWESOME! Packing, schmacking. Photoshop is way more fulfilling.

  10. And my word ver was "gutdoff". What's about that, eh?

  11. i've never seen that- i love it! must try! i love me some Seuss :)

  12. Hi, I own FPR which you have kindly linked to on this article, just a quick note to say thanks and glad you enjoyed the tutorial!! ;0)

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