A big job for a little bird…

My Dad decided he needed a bandaid this morning.

One of his work-ravaged, plate-sized hands – the one that is missing part of a finger – had a deep cut thanks to some rogue barbed wire.

And this is what Mum found in our first-aid box…

dadshand_2450 b

I could be wrong, but this might just be the perfect excuse to use the word JUXTAPOSITION

12 Responses to “A big job for a little bird…”

  1. Now *that’s* an award winning photo.

  2. I agree, I absolutely LOVE this photo!

  3. I tawt I saw a tweety bird!
    So cute
    Diamond currently has a princess bandaid on his elbow
    Tough guys!!


  4. Now that sure is some contrast! His hands sure look like they’ve been well used over the years. I love this picture.

  5. Great Photo BB….If only those hands could talk…

    There’s nothing quite like a Little Tweety Bird to help with the healing.

  6. Them’s working hands them is!

  7. Right – I have been corrected. Violet actually chose the bandaid. Dad insisted on keeping it – and is still wearing it as far as I understand!!

  8. Yep. There’s a picture worth a thousand words.

  9. Takes a real man to wear a tweety bird bandaid! Great Photo BTW.

  10. Like most of the others, I think Ree would love this photo, I know that I do

  11. Love this picture.

    His hands tell a story…

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