Not so bouncy, not so fun

I took some photos yesterday for Dash and Violet – some ‘Show and Tell’ pics of a calf without a Mama who was brought home two days ago by our next-door neighbour and sometimes-helper Lila.
It’s only a wee baby heifer… and (as usual) my heart sinks a little when I get one of these poddies in.  I hate not having a win (where ‘win’ equals ‘living’ and ‘lose’ equals ‘death‘).  It’s rare we get orphans here, and to have two poddies in a couple of weeks is a bit much.  The first arrival is doing well and frolicking around the paddock with her adoptive mother.  This one is tiny, possibly a twin.  And very dehydrated.

But she seemed to want to try for us, and Lila was so happy to have picked her up fom where she was hidden in the long grass.  She named her “Lottie” for being so lucky (like the Lotto).

So we did the Bay Lulic thing, we did the bottle-feeding thing, we did the penicillin thing (for possible pneumonia) and even the adding an egg to the formula thing to boost strength.

I even tweeted about her progess:
calf tweet1

A fair question, no?

calf tweet2

Oh so optimistic

I checked her last night (she was back in the laundry again where I thought she might be warmer and less vulnerable) and was a bit disturbed by her rattly breathing…

And this morning, she seemed to stop trying…

calf tweet3

despite concerned twitter friends checking in on her progress…

calf tweet5

For the record, she is still breathing and lifting her head up.  I am doing the washing around her.  But it’s with a pessimistic attitude and a heavy heart.

This one needs a miracle...

As I have already said/tweeted:

calf tweet4


RIP Little Lottie.

(There is nothing like having to hide a carcass just before your kids get home from school.  Talk about keeping it real…)

10 Responses to “Not so bouncy, not so fun”

  1. Sending strength wishes to Lottie from Coolah. Hang in there little one – you are in good hands!

  2. Glad the first orphan is bouncy. Hoping for a a miracle for the second baby. Hang in there, Lottie. Go Lila, go BB.

  3. Awww, bugger :(
    Fingers crossed Lottie perks up and the miracle happens xxx
    Jayne´s last blog post ..When half finished novels go bad

  4. This post is about to be updated. And not in a good way. Thanks anyway guys.

  5. Hmm, I missed those tweets. And I know the feeling. Lost one last year. I don’t mind losing lambs as much, because they just seem to want to die, no matter how much attention you lavish on them. Calves are a bit different. Sending hugs.
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..Ready- set&8230 stop!

  6. Sorry to hear about the little one. We lost a few on the dairy and it is always a sad event.

    Hope the kiddos do OK with it. I know it was always hard for my son, but he really understands life and death more than most young men his age.

  7. That’s the hardest thing to watch the kidlets learn.

    Quick. We need to see pictures of the other poddie please.
    debby´s last blog post ..Theres Going to be an Evolution

  8. awww…so sad. poor lottie. :(
    that circle of life has really sharp edge to it!
    TLee´s last blog post ..November Thankful Thing A Day – 11-11-2010

  9. This is the part about animals I can’t stand. It breaks my heart.
    Catch the Kids´s last blog post ..What We Do For Fashion

  10. This is the sad side of agriculture :-( Please show pictures of one eyed mama cow with happy fat foster calf!!

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