Winners and somethin’ ugly

So – apparently most of you know us pretty well!

The sweet little chick with her stylish graduating mortar board in the last post was indeed…

… one and the same as the proud Mama in this photo…

paris_0085 e

brother bday

It’s hard to believe that the same doe-eyed creature in this old snap is the same – my little sister who has a newbie of her own (plus a ten-year-old who can CRACK a whip like nobodies business!).  And the first person to guess right was…  LeenieWhoo-hoot!!

A little somethin’ is on it’s way to you in the mail.

I shall share that just what that little somethin’ is soon…


In the meantime…

I am burying this series of photos in this post (cause Lord knows I don’t want ‘em showing up on the previews) in answer to some enquiries as to the health of my toes.  Remember when this happened?  Well, it’s taken a few weeks, but as I was driving around in the truck two days ago, I had three minutes to myself. So I photographed my foot.  As you do.  And I am posting them here. Because I am nuts.

WARNING  #1 : my feet are ugly.  This is not a call for reassurance, it is a documented fact.

WARNING #2: my feet are dirty in these photos.  I had been walking around paddocks in my thongs/flip flops opening and closing gates for musterers.  I know. Shoulda been wearing boots.  For all KINDS of reasons….  *sigh*

WARNING #3: I have not had a pedicure since the Melbourne Cup (two weeks ago).  I HAVE had a bath since then, but it does not look like it.

WARNING #4: the last couple of shots here are a bit graphic. If you have a weak stomach or thing for pretty toes, please stop reading now. (Mum, this means you!)



Oh dear… needing moisturiser and spakfiller STAT…


Oh Lord… how come the auto focus works beautifully when I desperately need a soft filter…


Hmmm… does the fact that the white stuff on my big toenail is actually sticky from the bandaid that was holding it in place make it MORE or LESS disgusting?


Totally Gross…



Morals to the story:

1. Never drop a bottle of chardonnay on your toe. (It’s much nicer taken internally)

2. Never take photos of the result. (I nearly made myself crook looking at these)

3. And never post the pictures for the world to see. (Waiting patienly for the ‘unfollow’ stampede)

When will I ever learn??

Going to hide in my bedroom now…



18 Responses to “Winners and somethin’ ugly”

  1. Ouch.
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..Where I wrote today

  2. You do make me laugh! That’s gotta be good!! Totally agree with you about the bottle of wine too. :)

  3. Memo to self: when BB says “don’t look at the photos if…” and you fall into the specified “if” category, don’t look at the photos!

    PS Thanks for the warning, even if I didn’t heed it. I hope the new nail grows strong, healthy… and quickly!

  4. Ooee – had I known I could have done it with a bottle of wine I might have saved myself the gate a few years ago – took about a year to get back to its former glory!

    Oh, and I have been out of the internet for a while, because I could have told you who the cutie was – because I saw her in a photo I might scan and post one day of the first day of school…
    jeanie´s last blog post ..The long-winded saga of cars- me and McD

  5. That really is a bad, in more ways than one.

  6. Oh BB….ouchie-wa-wa
    That’s a doozie
    I think that deserves brekky in bed – and a case of wine!
    JENNY TALIA´s last blog post ..bad penis tattoo thursday

  7. Thanks for sharing? I think? LOL

  8. my mother recently did this. it required a trip to urgent care to have the toenail removed. nasty. nasty. lots of blood when the incident happened. very painful. hers is healing pretty good. i suggest you go get that cut off!! and when the nail starts to grow back…you have to massage it/rub it down and out to the edge to keep it growing flat, just fyi.

    and yes, flip flops were a huge factor in this happening to her!
    TLee´s last blog post ..November Thankful Thing A Day – 11-17-2010

  9. You’re so funny. I would imagine wearing flip flops with your toenail like that, is the only comfortable footwear you own—thus, the wearing of them in the paddocks.
    CeeCee´s last blog post ..What Ate My Chicken

  10. I did this to my wedding ring finger. Well, I didn’t drop a bottle of wine on it, but I lunged for the cat, hit the wooden frame on the door and managed to do my own version of bamboo torture under my nail. They had to remove the entire nail at the hospital to get the wooden chunk out (picture every male intern flinching and holding his junk when he saw it) however, it ended up in one of Diana Gabaldon’s books (Echo In The Bone, I think it was, along with Buddy’s skunking and some other of my misadventures.) You’ll be happy to know it grew back nicely and no one can tell.
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..Where would you go

  11. Oh man those hurt! I cringe looking at it. When mine came off, I had Wade take the pony nippers and nip it off. I could NOT stand it that way.
    You are some kind of strong woman!!!
    Mikey´s last blog post ..A peaceful Sunday afternoon picture

  12. WooHoo!! on the win. And your photography skills truly run the gamut from the sublime mother and child to the..(just a minute–runs to loo–retching sound–returns) GROSS.

    But I also add you are much, much braver than Pioneer Woman. She posted a no photo about her multi-colored pedicure. Couldn’t cowboy up with a show and tell. Whereas BB enthusiastically gives her readers the truth! We may or may not be able handle the truth. (note to self, chardonnay inside not outside).

    Had to stay up ‘way past my bedtime last night to see P-Dub in a one hour special on Food Network–Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Was super cool, but I’m a little groggy this am. Here’s to healing that toe!! Cheers!
    Leenie´s last blog post ..LOOK AROUND

  13. Lord have mercy. You are correct. That is one ugly toe. Not for the squeamish.
    debby´s last blog post ..You Got Some splaining to do- Oz

  14. First: OW. Second: Awesome. (It’s that medical/veterinarian aspect of our lives) Third: Ditto to being braver than PW, (though I think MOST Ranch Wives fit that category!) Fourth: I have some old sunburn pictures of my legs, blisters and all I could share… Shall we have a tough Ranch Wives contest?

  15. That’s it, I’m bringing a bottle of red for you next time instead of the chardy!! haha….. ;-)

  16. that’s almost as gross as my dead animal truck LOL!

    and it’s alcohol abuse bawaaahahahaha!

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