Colouring in and Fate

Is Fate something that is real or imagined?  It’s a question I often ask myself.  I often think I believe in Fate – and then, my substantial practical side weighs into the internal debate, arguing against predestiny predictions.
darl kids2

To illustrate, I will share my most recent fate-filled experiences.

I had a flying trip to the city this week.  (And before you point it out, yes, pretty much each and every trip to the city is like this for me.) I fitted a lot in, with business stuff, personal stuff and Christmas stuff all… well, STUFFED into a 36 hour period.  I definitely feel like I left everyone a little short-changed in the ‘quality time with BB’ department.

It didn’t help that I was organising my accomodation on the DRIVE DOWN to Brisbane.  Being Sunday afternoon, I naturally didn’t find many people at home.  They were all at Christmas functions or children’s sport.  Luckily I tracked down one friend who was willing to share her abode with me – as it happened, the two nights I spent with her proved to be just what the doctor ordered.  We kinda needed each other – Joo needed some moral support and I needed to catch up with someone I don’t see nearly enough of … and yes, I needed a bed.  It was the perfect fit.  When I left we hugged for ages… it was THAT kind of visit.  One that was poorly organised, randomly arranged, but seemed to have EXACTLY the right timing.

The first person I saw this trip away was not my friend Joo however.

It was THIS amazing lady.
darl kids1
I’m not sure if you all remember Corymbia?

She’s a teacher (and a great one, from what I can glean) and a mother and a wife.  And she is a survivor.  She is still coming to terms with the terrible and sudden loss of her husband (does one ever fully ‘come to terms’ with such a thing?  Sorry, but I couldn’t think of a better term there…) .  She isn’t writing much on her Corymbia blog presently, but as some of you already know, she has a seperate place where she tracks through her grief.  I will let her share that link if she chooses.  This post is not about tragedy though …

After we heard, a lot of us here in blog land reached out to Corymbia.  And (despite being in the guts of what must have been pure hell) she reached back.  I was lucky enough to be able to help out with some photo work for her, and she also (later) found some peace in this photo which I sent to her the other day.  Isn’t that feeling amazing? That feeling of being needed and of actually being some use when someone else is in a bad place… I cannot describe it, but it just makes SENSE somehow.  Like pieces falling into place.

We happened to find each other on our blogs.   Someone else happened to alert me to her situation.  Despite the fact I didn’t feel we knew each other terribly well, I happened to find the courage to email and offer help.  She happened to interpret that offer the way it was supposed to be interpreted – and reached back to me.  The connection was made.

And she just happened to be at home and ready to see me on Sunday – with a little time slot between my travel, her visitors and my later commitments.  It was just wonderful.

We had the chance to be something more than just people who see each other in cyberspace…

darl kids3

I got to see her kids show off their tumble-and-dance routine on the trampoline…

darl kids5

Listen to their unfettered giggles and goofiness as they performed…

darl kids4

And applaud like crazy after the four-part production was complete…

We got to talk about lots of things – things that all mums discuss… kids, houses, schools, food.  We ventured into the topic of how things are tricky when a man is not around to help out with the details.  I made a bit of a faux pas when talking about government department acronyms.  She forgave me. (It’s a quality I look for in all of my friends. Essential, actually!)  We touched on the bad stuff, but also shone some light on the wonderful stuff.

We smiled and laughed and hugged. The picture I have in my head of her is now filled out and coloured in – it was lovely to see the important details in her life.  And she didn’t seem to run screaming at all the close-up reality of me.

Suddenly we are more than just blog buddies…

darl kids

And I left her place knowing that at least some of the time spent on this computer, making connections and sharing some bits of my world, is not wasted.  Cause without it, I’d never have met Corymbia and her kids, or my other blog buds Rhubarb and Trace.

God, fate or just pure luck? Who knows…  I’m just glad I blog.  Imagine what I would be missing…


All ‘cartoon’ images shot on my Samsung phone…

18 Responses to “Colouring in and Fate”

  1. Now I’m in tears … you are a true gem.
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl- it’s November 30

  2. No tears… hugs instead!!!

  3. I’m so glad you both got to finally meet up :)
    Jayne´s last blog post ..Did you knowoh- of course you did!

  4. Oh what a beautiful snapshot! Colours it all in.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Paris bid

  5. Absolutely! I believe that there are connections we made before we came to earth. I also feel strongly that the Lord puts us in places to do just what you’ve been doing . . . reaching out and sharing your gifts and talents to people when needed. I think of other of our blog buddies and am grateful for you, BB. You’ve shared much humor, your sister “Jeanie” and others with me, your wonderful photography, family and joy of living. I’m not sure I believe in random whatevers. Every moment of our lives count. I know God is in charge and we, though seemingly blindly sometimes, if we follow the promptings that come to us, show His love to His other children by what we do as He would do. You do it well. Thanks, BB, for being my blogging friend. And for being friends with everyone whose life you touch so warmly and beautifully. Maybe one day, we’ll even meet in this life. If not, I’m looking you up in the next one!!!

  6. They say opposites attract, but they also say like attracts like. I would guess it’s more good taste and kindness than fate that brings kind hearted and generous people like you together with someone who willingly opens her home and shares time and goodness. Somehow we can hear and feel that kind of resonance. Blogging just makes it better.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..TUESDAY LISTWHY AM I HERE

  7. I am glad that you and Corymbia had time. And I do believe in fate/God/whatever you are comfortable calling it. Look at the friends that I’ve found!
    debby´s last blog post ..Snow Day

  8. I really enjoyed this post. I’m so glad you got to spend time with Corymbia. There’s something special about meeting internet friends in real life. I’ve gotten that opportunity with a couple and they will always be extra special to me now.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..iPod Roulette – November 2010

  9. I agree with Pencil Writer. God is in charge, He knows where and when we need to be and you were there for your friends. Keep up the good work.
    sara perkins´s last blog post ..Good friends- good horses and a good day for a ride

  10. I think your samsung phone is broken…haha! This is another friend that would love a catch up over Christmas…Will it be fate??

  11. Thank you for introducing us to this amazing lady – I’ve just told her on her site that I should be in bed, but instead I can’t drag myself away from her two sites, I’m in tears and in awe of her STRENGTH. Bless you for spending time with her! xo

  12. What a wonderful flying trip that turned out to be! The pictures in this post are delightful and full of energy.

    Love you!
    Nancy in Iowa

  13. Congratulations for doing what most would be too afraid to do – reaching out to help and be there for someone we don’t know so well. You are a special person and your kindness is bound to be appreciated. Thanks for sharing – may we all be as brave and giving as you are. You are an inspiration… oh and heres to a long and memorable friendship with your new special friend.

  14. You are a wonderful friend BB, both here, and in the real world
    Not a bad hugger either! x

  15. Oh good lord… forgot to add a link in to my friend Jenny… you give good cuddles yourself, girlfriend!!!

  16. Hi there. Just a quick hello from Annie. Thanks for your visit to my Bribie Island post. It is our holiday hideout at the moment, while my kids are in town, from all over the place. Normally I am in Brisbane! We do enjoy Bribie though, it is fun to get together and enjoy the beaches, especially with the grandkids!

    Glad you found someone to stay with and were able to visit your new blogging friend. It would have been good for you to catch up together.

  17. Ha – I am trying to put together a slide show for the Yr 4s science lesson this week and needed photos of different Australian Landscapes. The last one I need is of some farmland and I thought “I know, I’ll see if Amanda S has some pics I could borrow (with your permission of course) …and where do I end up?? Right Here! Fate perhaps??

    (In other news, don’t google “Bush Babe” images in front of your 9 year old).
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl, it’s Monday 30 July, 2012

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