Xmas Tree 1: the lights

I shall do the Christmas Tree festivities held this weekend, in a couple of small ‘vignettes’ today.  I cannot have you wearing your fingers out scrolling through my hola enormous posts – or needing a coffee infusion halfway through. (I’m so thoughtful like that!)


As I mentioned in my last post, the hall we held the School Christmas Tree in is an old building.

xmas tree_0006 e

It has had a new ceiling installed in recent years and it’s wiring seems to be pretty solid but its paint is peeling and it’s by no means glamorous…..

On Friday night, as darkness fell…

xmas tree_0007

…a little magic happened.

Maybe it was the special decorations adorning the tree inside the hall…

xmas tree_0013 e

(Each student got to take their bauble home at nights’ end… there were only 18 of them – said she thankfully, still picking glitter glue from her fingernails!)

Or maybe it was the fairy lights and funky new snowflake lights I picked up last week during my frenzied Christmas shopping attack on Brisbane…

xmas tree_0020

It’s funny how Aussies keep alive the whole snowflake/fake snow/overdressed Santa thing despite it being, like, SUMMER here…
xmas tree_0009

(We never let reality get in the way of a good celebration).

And while we are talking seasonally and geographically inappropriate decor, let’s not forget reindeer…

xmas tree_0137

Cause we all know reindeer are mythical magic creatures.  Aren’t they? Heh.

There was much much more that added to the magic of our Christmas Tree event – things I shall share with you shortly.

But for me, it always begins with some decent lights and a little evening darkness …

xmas tree_0118 e

What decor item makes Christmas magical for you?

4 Responses to “Xmas Tree 1: the lights”

  1. I have this Christmas village, with trees and victorian houses and shops and the two churches…Once I get that set up on a long bench covered with a white table cloth, well, then it’s Christmas. And the nativity. I have a hand crafted nativity set. That’s usually up by now, but I haven’t got time to get it down. And the tree… that’s a big deal. And a wreath. Having a wreath for the front door is a big deal. And… okay. I kind of like to decorate for Christmas…
    debby´s last blog post ..Dang It

  2. Each of the past few years I’ve had an entry about a “special” decoration at my house. I’ll do one on my littel Angel Band in the next week or so.

    Others include my nativity set and my mantle decorations.

    I look forward to your series of Christmas posts!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Whats in a Name 4

  3. I have some sparkly trees and a nativity. My Christmas trees stays in the closet (pre-decorated) and it comes out of it’s bag ready to go.

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