Xmas Tree 2: little pots of paint

Among the ideas we came up with to add some magic to the Christmas Tree night, as well as raise a few dollars for our students to go away on camp, was face painting.

In my wisdom, I thought a few local girls who had once attended our fine little one-teacher school might like to help out.  So I asked their Mum, an old friend of mine, and she agreed.  I suspect I may have caused some minor panic in their household, as they worried about their lack of experience in the fine art of painting the face os squirming kids.

In retrospect, I suppose I cannot blame them.

xmas tree_0110

But with a few home-made stencils, some paint and glitter in hand…

And the odd ‘wrangler’ to hold said squirming kiddo in place…

xmas tree_0116

They got the job done fantastically!

Lots of little possums sported Christmas Trees, stars and holly on their cheeks, sparkling away under the fairy lights.

Violet was keen…

xmas tree_0111

…then a little unsure…

xmas tree_0113

… then downright concerned…

xmas tree_0114

…desperately holding still for the final touches…

xmas tree_0115

And more than content with the results!

xmas tree_0223

Even Dash lined up for his turn under the artists’ brushes.

So a big THANKS to those beautiful young women, for taking on the chore and helping make our night truly magic!

9 Responses to “Xmas Tree 2: little pots of paint”

  1. You have such gorgeous kids :)
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl- it’s December 4

  2. A few suggestions for next year…
    1) Better (more opaque) paints.
    2) Some time to practice.
    3) Your artists decorate each other. Then the little ones say “I want to look like you!”
    Bravo for starting a new tradition!!!

    • Okay, that avatar makes me look pretty mean! I really don’t feel that way. ;^)

      Another idea…
      Cut the stencils out individually, glue them on the end of popsicle sticks, glue n glitter the sticks to make magic wands. They’ll be easier to use and add a fairy twist the the whole scene!

  3. I see snow outside my window. Do you see snow outside of your window? If you don’t see snow from your window, then your window must be broken. Get it repaired soon because snow outside your window at Christmas time is so grand.

    Note: While you are waiting for the window to be fixed, you can tape a picture of snow on the outside of the window.

    • The photos may not have done the work justice Lee – they were quite good and nice and sparkly! I might have to invest in some better facepaints next year.

  4. What fun! I think you picked the perfect artists for you projects. (laughing at the wranglers) The addition of sparkle to the art is a fine touch.

    And those brown eyed children just melt the heart. You do good work, BB.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..THE SNOWY DAY

  5. What a great idea.
    Cactus Jack Splash´s last blog post ..Quote for the week

  6. Wow! Your kids are stunning even before the magic added to their faces! I’m trying to picture little Henry being still long enough for a face painting – nope!

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