Waking up to water…

This morning we woke up to a bit of a roar outside the kitchen window…

After the hideous humid heat of the previous week (during which we were working cattle, of course, and slowly melting away) the steady rainfall of the past three days has been a blessed relief.  And while the two-and-a-half inches of rain we measured did make the local roads quite wet, it didn’t really occur to us that pretty much ALL of the precipitation would run-off the countryside to the north-west of us…
and into the river bed that runs beside our house…

…to cause some pretty amazing flooding.  We actually had a house with real water views today!! (Look, Pickles our on-loan horse thinks it’s pretty unreal too!)

The last time I remember having water view from our house (for any length of time) was when I was in my mid-teens.   A looooong time ago now!


This is the ‘Big Bridge’ just to the north of our home… it normally has a teeny trickle meandering beneath it’s towering pylons…


Today the roar of muddy, frothing floodwaters inched ever upwards towards the concreted platform.


I love the energy that seems to swirl invisibly from moving water… don’t you?


It’s a teensy bit scary when it’s rushing and swirling in flood.  I don’t mind being a teensy bit scared… is that weird?


It was all quite an amazing sight – the kids were intensely curious to see EVERYTHING. And we were keen to make sure they didn’t get to experience it TOO up close and personal…
Our daughter seemed unintimidated by the sheer volume of water raging down the normally peaceful riverbed…


Even as her father mourned the river fence posts lost deep beneath the muck and bile of the cranky waters…

It’s funny how we all react differently to these little episodes of Mother Nature flexing her muscles.


See the little green refugee here?  A tree frog huddled in the quagmire at the river’s edge.  I bet he’s not as impressed as I with the flooding!


Sticks and logs were being washed and tumbled downstream from who-knows where upriver…


I wonder who is missing an old 44-gallon drum? Heh.


And while the younger little trees recently grown up in the river bed struggled with the onslaught, the old gums on the bank seemed to look on calmly…

I wonder if they were murmuring: “I told you so!” to their less-experienced cohorts?


And the cattle camped comfortably by some granite rocks safely above the high watermark, appeared for all the world to be wondering…







12 Responses to “Waking up to water…”

  1. And even Mr Incredible has replaced Wranglers for Boardies…So lovely to see. It is green here as well and the creeks have also been running. Looks like a low will be coming down the coast next week so we will be spending the next few days moving cattle to higher ground. We have some down around our lake and it is now full – first time since cyclone Beni. All the best and Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Can I just add the “so lovely to see” bit was for all the water not Mr Incredible in his boardies…haha!

  3. LOVE that shot of your hubby and son. It tells a story that goes waaaay beyond the surface photo.
    Teri´s last blog post ..A Walk Outside

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. That is unbelievable. I was quite glad to see that Dash was firmly held as he peered over the edge. (The children seem to have inherited your inclination to enjoy a good scare…)

    And Jayne? LOL. You are a trip, woman.
    debby´s last blog post ..Update

  5. Exciting times, especially when you’re still high and dry. I was also amused at Mr. I in his flip-flops although with all that water it makes complete sense. Nature seems to be really on one this year. And the cattle just move out of the way and chew their cud.

  6. So glad you are getting the water ….. :)
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl- it’s December 20

  7. Strange to see your photos when all is white here! No major snow yet, though. Dash and Violet do seem pretty fearless in all they do!!!

  8. Wow – hasn’t the rain falling all over been incredible. Everything is so wet and soggy here – I am just about over it! (Don’t tell anyone I said that)It’s awesome to see your river flowing like that – how long will it flow do you think?
    Jindivick Wildlife Care´s last blog post ..What a storm!!

  9. Very exciting and great photos.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Those Photos

  10. What a fabulous sight to look on after so much drought!
    Jayne´s last blog post ..Hellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo!

  11. These photos are amazing and so hard for me to wrap my head around. It’s snowing here tonight – expecting 10cm of the white stuff, temps at -16C. You are all in shorts, flip-flops… :)

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