Favourite stuff begins…

It;s been a while since I share my passion for the old and the moldy…


Well, perhaps not so much the mold.  After all this damp weather, I am just about over spraying vinegar on things and scrubbing.  Nasty sporey stuff, that mold.

But on fences, and on gates…

Bring it on!

A good dose of mossy and mushroomy sporey stuff makes timber FABULOUSLY interesting.


Don’t you agree?


I really need to slow myself down (after weeks of hectic activity getting branding done, dealing with floods and shocking roads and other stuff … ).

I need to slow down and savour things again.

My favourite things.

Like Old Stuff.

Aging timber and green moss and orange fungi.

I might do some simple posts like this in the coming days.

Sharing a few of my favourite things.

How bout you share in comments …

Are you into Old Stuff?

Or is Shiny and New your cup of tea?



6 Responses to “Favourite stuff begins…”

  1. Hey Bush Babe I like you, like OLD and I am looking at your top pic and seeing my fence. I guess our geography is not all different. Mould is mould.
    I did a post on Fungi Art. I think you will like it.January 7,2011. You can see the difference in our moulds.
    Bring on more old I love your pics. B
    Buttons´s last blog post ..Fence View! Photo Friday

  2. I like old. I just bought a spelling book from 1955 at a thrift store (your ‘op shop’).
    debby´s last blog post ..Hard Lessons

  3. I AM old stuff.
    But my Granddaughter is shiny and new

  4. I love old things……….just never find enough fungy’s/mushrooms in my area
    Chookyblue´s last blog post ..not the best day

  5. (Laughing at gramps’ comment) I’m with you too BB, maybe BECAUSE I’m on gramps’ side of the fence. But the fence has character and you can’t buy that stuff with all the shiny in the world. Old fences, old barns, peeling paint and gnarly trees stop me in my tracks. Thanks for taking a moment in the mold battle to share.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..CARIBBEAN SKETCH BOOK

  6. Love this post, love all the comments. Old is the only way. Old is precious. Old is priceless. Old has many stories to tell. Old always brings a smile to my face. Thanks! :)

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