Right Royal Escape

Well I admit it… I watched.

The Wedding, that is.

I am no full-on royalist, but I have to say, this Good News Story kinda sucked me in.  A little bit of happy amid tornadoes and floods and cyclones and tsunamis.  I think we all needed it.

Of course, I was on my own watching it all unfold.  The kids were in bed (although Violet did pop out a few times to check on The Princess) and Mr Incredible was detirmindly watching an action movie in another room.  I didn’t mind. I took my chardonnay glass, my Thai takeaway and curled up on the couch to soak in some royal bliss.

Photo: Time

I have to say my very favourite part was the horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets… Horse, Handsome Princes and Happy Princesses.  Gorgeous!

But I missed this bit where a rider took a dive and the horse bolted past the newlyweds… how I feel for that rider!

Photo: ABC News

But who can blame them for freaking slightly at this sight… am pretty sure no Granite Glen horses would hold their stuff together looking out at (and hearing) this ocean of well-wishing humans.

Photo: Time

And of course there was The Kiss.

Photo: Time

(The two kisses actually – practice makes perfect William! God love that flowergirl who had had enough of the din…)

Kinda made me feel all sentimental and romanical. (Is that a word? Should be.)

It helped that we had attended a lovely wedding the previous weekend…
jools_6798 e
And memories from other fantastical weddings I have attended over the years came floating back…
and of course it made me think of our own wedding, a decade ago…
jeanie and bushbabe wedding

We had no horse-drawn carriage of course, and a few gazillion less looking on.  But I did have a pretty hawt bridesmaid, just like Kate.

Now I have to drag myself away from happy photos, and go and clean mouse-poo from all corners of my house.  I don’t want to, I want to stay in a wedding haze right here.  But the face is that we have a little mouse plague situation here, and that mouse poo ain’t gonna clean itself.  *sigh*

While I am busy making this house smell acceptable again, please tell me:

Did you watch The Royal Wedding?

If so, what did you think?

If not, why?  (Hope the reason wasn’t tornado-related, my American friends?)


PS The Prince and Princess of Granite Glen will be back soon with the next epsiode of the FairyBlogTale... featuring dinosaurs !



28 Responses to “Right Royal Escape”

  1. OK, yep I watched it too! But my bed was beckoning me before I could witness the horse drawn carriage ride and that kiss… :( I love weddings and all that they stand for, and this one I will remember for a very long time. Even the kids were excited about seeing The Queen and The Princes and Princess! Didn’t think I would get caught up in it, but yes, I did! All gushy feelings aside, we too are battling a mouse plague… my cats and jack russell are both sick of the sight of them too. They even been causing havoc with vehicles… chewing fuel lines etc… and for some reason they just love the pool – which is where I hate them the most!

  2. I did not watch it. We do not have television reception in the woods. But you know, I probably would have simply because I remembered sitting up to watch Charles and Diana get married all those years ago. I was pregnant with Brianna. I probably would have watched this and reminisced and got all weepy. Yeah. It would have been great fun!
    debby´s last blog post ..History

  3. I didn’t watch it. But I do love seeing the fairy tale pictures.
    mary´s last blog post ..Golden

  4. Yep,I watched it all; got up at 5:30 EST USA which is too early but I had to do it. Like you I missed the horse stumble. Hope neither was hurt, just their pride. There are several favorites: Harry looking back to get a peek at the bride; the carriage ride; and them leaving the castle in the little blue car. Did you see the little girl on the balcony who look like she was bored to death? Thank you for remembering the tornadoes. So many lives lost.

    • Oh Norma… we have been looking in horror at the devestation. Mother Nature has gone mad this year… All over the world. Victims in the South have most definitely been in our thoughts.

      • Norma in Alabama Reply April 30, 2011 at 1:43 pm

        Bush Babe, thank you. I knew about the flooding in Queensland before I found your blog and saw the pictures you posted of your river. CNN and the other news programs gave the floods a lot of air time. It’s hard to see your countrymen go through that. I agree that Mother Nature has gone mad, perhaps she has good reason. Look at what we humans have done to her. On another subject, I thought you were a beautiful bride and still are. Love the pictures of the kids with the dinosaurs, they are real cuties (the kids, not the dinosaurs).

  5. considering it was at 2 am my time, no, i didn’t watch it. not that i wasn’t awake, i just don’t really care that much. i was too reading blogs (like yours) that had updated while i was on the evening shift (4 pm to midnight).
    naomi´s last blog post ..It’s Spring!

  6. The pomp and circumstance amazes and dazzles me. Saw lots of clips of the finest moments: the kiss, the carriage, the vows, the maid-of-honor and the lovely dresses they all wore. The way they held hands and that were no other grown-ups in the wedding party filled me with hope that perhaps a kinder monarchy is in the future. I loved the Prince’s bald spot too-made him seem even more real !~!

    You, BB, cut a fine figure as a bride and yep, that’s a pretty m-o-h, too. Her expression is beatific.

  7. T’was lovely. I watched the wedding despite myself and enjoyed it.
    Pretty swanky bride yourself!
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl- it’s April 28- 2011

  8. Yes even though i’m not a monarchist I must admit I enjoyed watching the pomp and ceremony, which only the English know how to do so well. We had friends over for tea and it was interesting background vision. I couldn’t help thinking it was a bit like a huge fancy dress ball. Some of the fashions were way out some were great. I loved Pippa’s bridesmaid’s dress. The ceremonial uniforms and traditional costumes were stunning.
    diane´s last blog post ..MY STORY-Ch 4 Part 12-Ski School-1959

  9. I got up at 3 a.m. with my youngest daughter (21) and while we watched, we ate strawberries dipped in chocolate and toasted English muffins. It was worth the afternoon “sleep deprivation hangover” although I’m still not recovered. Even if you’re not a monarchist, it’s still history unfolding. And I remember getting up early to watch Diana and Charles get married, and then I got to meet them both in person at a private function in Canada, on Prince William’s first birthday. My how time flies.
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..Time to get a little Wilde

  10. Oh Yes..I watched it on Channel 9 and recorded Channel 2. Tried very very hard to ignore Dame Edna! I got very teary because I kept thinking of Diana and what she was missing…and how absolutely proud she would have been of her boys…oops…here comes the ‘teary’ again! My favourite part was when the carriage went under the arch, and Kate put her hand on William’s leg for a moment…and when they came out he was patting her hand before she pulled it back to continue waving. A very real private moment that said heaps about their bond. Love it. My favourite part was all of it really…might just go and watch it again!

  11. What a beautiful bride you were, BB!!

    No royal wedding for me. I just watched what they showed me on the National news. I missed that about the horse!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Macaroni and Cheese

  12. I am really sorry to admit I didn’t stay up for it – they started broadcasting way too early here in Iowa…I’m usually a late sleeper. If the wedding had been on Thurs morning, I was sleepless and awake! But I’ve caught bits on TV since and have seen tons of pictures online – and I didn’t know about the horse fall until reading your blog! They are a beautiful couple.

  13. Didn’t watch. Figured there would be plenty of edited highlights to see later. There ARE plenty. Beautiful wedding,handsome couple, but a little over-hyped in my personal opinion. I like REAL weddings–like yours.

    Looking forward to more stories from your travels. Were you ever able to unlock the mystery of the portable hard drive?
    Leenie´s last blog post ..SPRING SING

  14. I watched!! I woke up just as Kate and her father walked into the church! LOL I wanted to see them get in the car and get that first glimpse of the dress! But alas, I didnt! It was 3 am here! I got to watch the ceremony though, but fell asleep again before the kiss!! LOL LOL LOL

  15. Theresa in Alberta Reply May 1, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    A cat with sharp claws who is quick on its paws :D It was a lovely wedding. I am so glad that Kate wore a dress with long lacey sleeves, so elegant. My coworkers and I remarked how her dress reminded us of Princess Grace. About that mouse odor …I have discovered the wonders of hydrogen peroxide! yep, I spray it on my dog when she is wet to take care of that “wet dog stink”. Inexpensive, environmentaly and people friendly.

  16. We watched here – Dame Edna was too much, we flicked between 2, 7 and 10 (it was all all stations at one point) and once they were spliced Football took over.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..16 months and 1 day old

  17. We are loving your photos (of Jules & Chris) etc. plus I LOVED THE ROYAL WEDDING. Joan is with me – showed me your fab site – sensational!

  18. *waves to Peggy and Joan*

  19. BB
    I think your wedding photos far surpassed the photos of the LAST of the Saxe-Coburg UND Gotha mob at “Buck House”! I watched it under sufferance with friends at Burra, SA. The two females “gushed and whooed” at the pageantry of the POMS!
    Thank God I was able to get out and have a smoke to save me from the vomit fit!
    Best part of it all was that cheeky Harry, courtesy of a red headed cavalary officer, taking a peek at “Waitie Katie” walking down the aisle!
    Next the “Yanks” don’t like being upstaged so they found and shot Osama bin Laden – finally??????
    Anyhow I prefer reading your travelogue of the USA and seeing REAL life on a property.
    Colin (HB)
    ps: an e-mail of this latest trip to SA will be forthcoming.

  20. No I didn’t watch it on the night, but the following night at a friends place (in Chinchilla). My excuse for not watching?…I was 2 rows away from Joe Nichols at his concert in Toowoomba (the ‘crotch-grabbing seats’ as Brett put it! and I didn’t ‘crotch-grab’ him – although I would have like to ;-) – but I did ‘hi-five’ him!) He’s soooooo gorgeous!!! xox

  21. To early here but I certainly watched all the replays.


    Maybe my Canadian heritage—-but mostly because I needed some “happy time”

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