A little wedgie…

We went for a drive in the ute this morning – up the paddock.  I don’t do this NEARLY as often as I’d like to.*

I had an ulterior motive (besides spending quality time with my better half and offspring).  Even though my husband does get heartily sick of me taking photos (and then working them on the computer for hours on end) he had let slip about a bit of a photo opp he thought I might like to check out.

So I donned my gumboots and loaded up the Nikon.

He was right.  He dropped me off beside the road as he and the kids went to check a water (tank and trough set-up for watering cattle)… and lookee what I found.



But look out for snakes okay – lots of very active taipans and browns around at the moment! (I recommend big rubber boots!)

You might want to sneak behind this tree here so we can get a better look at what’s up there…


It’s a huge wedgetail eagle nest.


Super high in a giant blue gum tree, about 200 metres off the dirt road in our steer paddock.


A person could easily fit into this enormous nest (although you wouldn’t want to have vertigo!).


And to my (very untrained) eye, it looks like a young eagle rather than the Mama.


It showed no signs of wanting to fly off, occasionally casting a beady eye my way and then looking out as if waiting for a pizza delivery.  Which it was, I imagine. With Mum as the delivery chick. And carrion of some kind as the pizza!

Apparently, young wedgetail eagles can stay in the nest for up to six month after hatching, until the start of the next breeding season. Wedgies grow very big and have the biggest wingspan (up to nine feet) of any eagle recorded. So sayeth Wikipedia.


wedgienest_3893 crop e

It was very challenging trying to photograph this guy, with very glarey conditions and my little zoom cranked out and struggling at its 200mm max.  These shots have been severely cropped and probably wouldn’t print up very well.

Then Mother Nature took pity on me, and send a cloudburst my way…

Which gave me about three minutes of awesome light…


Before the winds hit…


…and the heaven’s opened. So I got two reasonable shots out of about 120. Great odds.

THEN we had to rush home and rescue Bay Lulic from being washed away. But that’s another story, for another post.

(If I get time! Just know she’s safe and dry-ish now. )



*Imagine how many photos you’d have to put up with if I did it more!

11 Responses to “A little wedgie…”

  1. Next year, can you just pop up the tree and install a webcam when the eggs are laid?
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Because I can

  2. We’ve got two resident Wedgies that live on the hill behind us. I love watching them soar for miles above us. They’re such magestic creatures. Although I have to say, that after I saw them take a chook from our chook pen, I watch my little Jack Russell and pups, very closely.
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..Dads and Daughters

  3. That is so cool! I am quite jealous!

    We get Wedgetails hanging around occasionally, I don’t think they’re nesting all that close, but I love when we see them.

  4. I love wedgies (of the bird variety!) Lovely shots!

  5. My girls are like.. “Wow… she zoomed in so well, maybe Bush Babe will put one of these on her calender :)”
    Cazzie´s last blog post ..We are parents to twin kids……

  6. Thanks guys – this was so much fun but (Cazzie) I just don’t think the quality is there for a calendar appearance. (Not like these ones taken a couple of years ago:

  7. I bow to your photographic capabilities. You are awesome!
    Bragger´s last blog post ..#31 – Have $_______ in Savings……

  8. This is really neat!! Eagles (of any variety I assume) are such regal birds.

    Hope you can give us a detailed update on Bay Lulic (and Bay Leaf) soon. :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..The Hits of 1958

  9. ‘Wedgies’ always gives me a giggle. Here a wedgie is when someone grabs your under wear and give them a sharp jerk UP. I prefer your wedgies better. Much more photogenic than someone trying to pull their undies out of their… Well… never mind..
    debby´s last blog post ..Today at the Tractor Supply

  10. wow, we’ve got one on our place too, I haven’t taken the time to photograph it yet! I looove them.

  11. But look out for snakes okay – lots of very active taipans and browns around at the moment! (I recommend big rubber boots!)

    Okay I would have gotten back into the truck. LOl

    The eagle was lovely, we have a pair of bald eagles where I live. They are always flying around the Delaware river looking for fish and what not. It’s amazing to see them.

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