Beef about KIDS these days

I promise this will be the last of the Beef Week posts.  I so wished I had the time/energy/internet connectivity to blog as it all happened – it was SO action-packed.

beef2012_5035 bb

There was so much gorgeous bovine viewing it’s kinda hard to stop it though… how handsome is this dude?

One thing I DID want to talk about however, was a topic that was brought up somewhere yesterday, about kids these days. You know, how the younger generation don’t know how to work hard or apply themselves, or lack self-motivation.  I won’t link to the spot that debate began, but it prompted me to think about our experiences with teenagers.

And I have to say that, while we have come across some less-than-enthusiastic adolescents over the years, I find myself needing to argue for the negative team.  (In debating parlance at least).


We have been so fortunate here to have had two amazing young men, Cal and Lachy (aged 17 and 19) working for our business on-and-off over the past 18 months.

beef2012_5056 e

Let me see how my checklist for exemplary ‘young person’ behaviour goes with this pair?

Beef2012_5043 bb

Willing to work? Check.

Self-motivated? Check.

Polite? Check.

Respectful? Check.*

Awesome/patient with my kids? Check.

Messy as hell? Check.  (Just keeping it real here).

Able to leap over fences/wash walls/handle stubborn bovines? Check, check, check.

Own a slightly dodgy haircut to give my father something to rib them about? Check.
beef2012_5040 e

Excellent sense of humour? Check.

(Can you see how those two last characteristics might be inter-related? Good. Us too!)

We also had a neighbour’s daughter volunteer her services during our very busy week away, an offer which was leapt upon like a **seagull on a lump of fat.

Meg is 15 (I think) and not only beautiful, but as willing and easy to have around as the boys.

beef2012_5086 e

She slotted into our little crew like a professional.  Asked questions about stuff she didn’t know and just winged it where there wasn’t time to talk.  Exactly the kind of person you need in the hustle and bustle of Centre Ring during Beef Week.

beef2012_5083 e

And if you don’t think I won’t get as MANY tips from the parents of these three young people as humanly possible, then you haven’t been visiting me very long!

Beef2012_5120 e

And I have to add that, for the vast majority of our time at this event, which was heavily populated by young people, I saw much the same thing.  Perhaps it had something to do with them all being VERY busy?  (And I suspect, pretty well-brought-up).

How has your experience with teenagers been lately?

Am I the only one who has been this lucky?



*At least what I can see on Facebook! Heh heh.

**Analogy courtesy of my much-missed Grandma Mart.

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  1. Champions – all of them. I get to see some teenagers like this …and a lot of the stereotypical lazy-bones ones as well.
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl, it’s April 14, 2012

  2. First: That is a great looking Brangus, the( Black) one in photo #1.
    Bit hard to argue with you on the summation given of these “rural” kids.
    Regretably their sense of courtesy doesn’t apply to the ones here in Brisbane who are the complete opposite, especially when it comes to public transport travel, reading ( well I have doubts if they can read ?)and obeying signs etc etc. Too busy with their mobile phones and the “twitter” stuff.
    The 16 year olds next door and the older ones refuse to even take the publish bins in after collection. I heard the boy tell his mother – “That is your job!” Thank God, I didn’t have a gun.
    Just be thankful that you have a good group up there and being the great model parents that you and Mr. “I” are, you won’t have this problem.
    PS: Great to read your report on attitude in the country areas.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This could be one of the things I whinge about the most (ironically). I get very cross with the medias portrayal of ‘young people these days’. I seriously believe that the famous and typical 80-20 rule applies to this one, but you only ever hear about the 20% who make the rest of us look much the same. When so many of us have such positive role models in our lives and want to just do as we have been taught so well to do, work hard and be happy. Appreciate this blog BB, thank you!
    Danielle´s last blog post ..At Attention

  4. As I wrap up my last year EVER of teaching high school students, I need little reminders like this that some of them may actually turn out to be delightful adults. Thank you for the nudge!
    Bragger´s last blog post ..I Got What I Deserved…..

  5. I just want to say you photograph the most good looking cattle I think I’ve ever seen.

    As for “kids these days” I think a lot of credit for lack of manners and work ethic should go to “parents these days.” Agreed some people just come into the world with a strong will and choose a crooked path no matter who their parents are.

    But I agree the next generation has multitudes of potential and talent.

    Best wishes to your young people.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..SUNNY DAY AT COLTER BAY

  6. I believe that kids who learn to work and help from an early age grow up with a lot more self esteem than those who are left to drift purposeless.

    I like kids. I see kids who work hard and well. I also see 25 year old boy-men who ride around on skateboards and souped up bikes. This amazes me.
    debby´s last blog post ..Happy dance

  7. I work with teenagers, and let me tell you there are all sorts around no matter where you are, but I have to say my experience is that the rotten ones are in the minority. Most of the Kids I deal with are all that you describe too. I look for the good in everyone and all too often so many kids have only ever been told how bad they are, what a disappointment they are, how their parents never wished they had them. My own kids are pretty darn good and I’m pretty sure that their dad and I are the only ones that they give cheek to. But I want kids that speak their mind, plus, it always gives me the opportunity to give them a respect lesson.
    Mummaducka´s last blog post ..Farm things

  8. I love this post BB! I cannot say enough good stuff about my own teenagers! We keep them BUSY too, with stuff around the house and stuff on the farm, and the things is, they WANT to be busy and WANT to learn and do these things which teach them life skills and time management. I could not be more proud to be their Mum.
    We also do not have a problem with their mates coming along to help out and learn a bit. Some of my eldest son’s mates ask when they can come back to the farm with us. Hubby gets them all doing jobs like building and maintaining fences and other farm jobs and they love it. I reckon they just love getting dirty! Haha. No Xbox, no TV, just great farm activities out in the open and clean air :)
    Cazzie!!!´s last blog post ..Kids everywhere!

  9. quincy's keeper Reply June 1, 2012 at 4:18 am

    I do believe it has a lot to do with where said teenagers have been raised. I am the beef/horse leader for our 4-H club. I have 10 teenagers in my beef group. The ones that have grown up on ranches and know how/when to work. And the other ones. The ones that have never had responsibilities or been taught the value of hard work. I love my ranch kids!! They make the other ones tolerable. I don’t have to ride their donkeys to get their work done, they know thier steers/heifers need to be fed/watered at fair. They know that all poo needs to be picked up immediately. They just…KNOW.
    Kudos to the ranch parents for teaching their children the proper ways of the world.

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