Like an eagle…

It’s late, I’m tired, it’s cold and really should be in bed.  (Long day mustering, preg-testing and innoculating cows – you can thank me later for going easy on the pics!)

But I HAD to share one photo with you.

I took it yesterday (Sunday) as I went to shoot my cousin’s baby. (With a CAMERA, silly).  Got some fun shots there, which I may share if I get permission from the parents…

However THIS one (taken en route to visiting with Tom and Nell and Prue) gave me SUCH a thrill.

It only took a minute, for something I would normally have driven past, thinking I was in too much of a hurry to stuff around.  (And I usually am.)  I saw this big guy fly from the roadside (obviously from feasting on some roadkill) and up into a tree about 50 metres away.

I eased the car forward and took this pic.


Nothing special.

But sometimes, it pays to look. To WAIT for the shot.  And as I nudged the car slowly, slowly closer and he set himself to take off, I held the shutter down and prayed…

wedgie_6935 crop2 e

My very favourite bird in the whole, wide world.

A wedge-tailed eagle.

In flight…

Utterly magnificent.

AND in focus.


These are the things that give me a thrill.

Hope you enjoyed it too.

G’night all.


13 Responses to “Like an eagle…”

  1. Bloody Awesome! Super jealous!

  2. Lucky you. You don’t get to see these too often in Australia. I have never seen one in the wild. Congratulations on being in the right spot at the right time.
    PS: Whatever did happen with the scam stuff, it seems to have rectified itself. Stupid “IT” stuff and computer stuff.

  3. Sweet! Every time I’ve seen an eagle, my camera was either at home or in the trunk of the car, out of reach. That is a great shot! Don’t you love serendipity?
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..The power of love

  4. Well caught. Great photo. Isn’t it interesting how wide spread wedgies are over Australia.

  5. WE never know when a stolen moment will turn into a score. Nice catch.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..THE SUN AND THE BEACH

  6. I so completely understand the thrill. Fantastic, BB!!! Never saw that sort of bird before. A Wedge-tail, eh?
    Kate´s last blog post ..A summer day in Baltimore

    • High praise from the mistress of bird photos! Thanks Kate. I think your Bald Eagles are bigger in body, but believe wedgies have the biggest wingspan of all eagles.

  7. I took a picture of a flying eagle once. It looked like a small black dot in a big blue sky. I envy your talent.
    Debby´s last blog post ..Short and Sweet

  8. Just a general comment to everyone: we have seen quite a few wedge-tailed eagles lately. They seem quite busy – always in pairs and circling high in the sky searching for dinner. We are lucky out here to be a fairly good habitat for them, but to get CLOSE to one is rare. They take my breath away.

  9. Fantastic photo! It’s the first I’ve ever seen of this eagle – in fact, the first I’ve heard of a wedge-tail. FYI – this morning I saw a news item about NARROWSBURG, N.Y., a small town in upstate NY, which bills itself as the home of the Bald Eagle. They are actually cancelling their long-time annual fireworks display on the Fourth of July because it upsets the eagles, our national emblem.

  10. Amazing images. Just why I love coming to visit you :) This is one for the 2013 Calendar!
    Cazzie!!!´s last blog post ..Busy on the home front, and the farm front…

  11. Absolutely beautiful!
    My Dad’s favouritest bird, too :)
    You have to have that magnificent beauty in your next calendar ;)
    Jayne´s last blog post ..July 5 Oz History for a Sporting nation

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