The dress

I unearthed these photos last night.  I was trolling for photos for the 2013 BB Calendar, and chanced upon this small series I had taken in Janurary and MEANT to blog.

They are of my daughter and a special dress.

A dress worn on our wedding day (11 years ago) by my husband’s brother’s daughter – the eldest of three flowergirls at our wedding (it wasn’t actually THAT full-on, we only had a Best Man and Best Woman besides the flowergirls).  I fell in love with the material in the somewhat stressful lead-up to our wedding.  It is a sheer deep, soft green with an olive underlay.  My sister Jeanie wore a dress (design of her own choosing) from the same material.

jeanie and bushbabe wedding

(Obviously this doesn’t show the colour or the gauzy overlay material on Jeanie’s dress, but it DOES show how beautiful she is!)

Anyway, I had been waiting and waiting for there to be an ‘occasion’ for Violet to wear the flowergirls’ dress …

Finally she snapped and wore it for dinner (gala events including kids are few and far between out here!).

And it was a tight fit.

dress_0547  e

These photos do NOT do the dress or the material justice – I had the white balance on the camera set on SOMETHING very incorrect.

But still, you get the idea…


All our wedding party dresses (save mine) were all sewn by a lovely lady who lives about 100km from here – who had done a friend’s wedding dress.

dress_0543 e

Utterly awesome.

And what does a little girl do in an exciting, much-anticipated dress?


She swirls…

dress_0563 e

And twirls…

dress_0560 e

dress_0565 e


You see why I had to share – NOW she’s worn it in public!



7 Responses to “The dress”

  1. Love it! I’ve got a great photo of Rochelle in her flower girls dress at my sister’s wedding! Aways tugs at the heart strings!
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..How this farmer met her husband…

  2. Kove it! I am amazed that it was such a close fit. Brings back some lovely memories Mx

  3. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous wee girl. How lovely to have such a dress to wear at a special grown-up event.

  4. This post made me smile. The twirling photos are gorgeous…you have managed to photograph the essence of your girl.
    debby´s last blog post ..Update.

  5. I love the dress. you need to have the lady that does the wedding dresses to let the darts out that are in the back, it might give her a few more months of getting to wear it as she seems to love to twirl in it.

  6. I know – I got out ‘Salina’s dress recently, and Paris has already grown past the try it on her stage :(

    There is very little chance I will ever be so skinny again mine will fit me, but Violet could always have a go at my dress in a few more years…
    jeanie´s last blog post ..B-lime-y (otherwise known as the July post)

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