The Cup runneth over

The bush interpretation of the Melbourne Cup (in pictures… with captions!)

It’s all about…

telemark_3664 e

Moustaches… with ‘Moctober’ facial hair being encouraged for the local blokes!

telemark_3665 e

Making babies smile (at least if you are my husband… he’s still clucky!)

telemark_3669 e

Headwear… another look at darling Prue!
telemark_3760 e

SHOES!! Adored these one’s adorning the tootsies of a friend’s little one…

telemark_3756 e

Fashion!  Sister encouraging munching brother down the stairs mid-parade…


Friends in Fashion … Violet and her second cousin Maddy wait their queue.


Bare feet … the way most of us ended up, after suffering for fashion!

telemark_3752 e

Tinkerbell! Violet struts her stuff in lime green before the crowds…

Food! Look closely… these are Melbourne Cup-inpsired sandwiches.


That’s right… SHOE sandwiches.  Totally cool (and apparently very yummy!)

telemark_3775 e

My effort… bacon and cheese pinwheels… nom, nom!

telemark_3788 e

Gangnam Style! The kids show us ‘oldies’ how it’s done!


Crazy hobby-horse action.  Recognise the dude in the hat? That’s right, Lachy’s back!

telemark_3826 e

The kids managed to peel the hobby horses from the adults hands for their own race…

telemark_3832 e

Dash won. He was celebrating his victory early…

telemark_3802 e

And winner of the Mo’ Man? Mr Incredible!  (some stiff competition though from a couple of neighbours!)

So that’s how we spent ‘The Day That Stops A Nation’…

How did you spend it?



Updated: I suppose I should explain that the Melbourne Cup is a horse race (on of the richest in the world) which literally stops Australia at 2pm (Qld time) for the duration of the race.  Results here.

ALSO: ‘Movember’ is an awareness-raising campaign for Men’s Health – especially important in the bush, where the blokes rarely take the time to visit a doctor and like to ‘tough things out’.  We time it for this event (turning it into ‘Mocktober’) – the awards are just for fun on the day.

14 Responses to “The Cup runneth over”

  1. I had to Google ‘Melbourne Cup’. Do you all sit down and watch the race holding your tickets in hand? Or isn’t it about the horserace at all? Is this a family thing or is it a community celebration? And you should take a vote in honor of our election day. Methinks that Mr. I should keep the ‘stache.
    debby´s last blog post ..What’s around that corner???

  2. Margie fron New York Reply November 7, 2012 at 12:39 am

    No Melbourne Cup here in NY, so I am going to go out and vote. It’s Election Day here. I like the little shoe sandwiches, what was in them? The bacon and cheese pinwheels look right up Johnny Rebs alley, anything bacon. How about posting the recipe? :)

  3. Hat’s off to shoe-shaped food. Never seen that before and not likely to forget soon either. Fun times look great and love facial hair so I’m a fan already of the Day.
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..Phyllis’s Second Flimsy Finished Yay !~!

  4. Love Mr. I’s mustache – looks grand on him! And oh, dear, your babies have grown so much!!!

  5. Have updated post with explanations on Melbourne Cup and Movember!! :-)

  6. We celebrated in much the same fashion as you BB. The bush does love its Melbourne Cup doesn’t it!

  7. Oh! I’m glad you explained it although I thought it was some sort of race (hence the name). Wonderful photos, and we might need that pinwheel recipe.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Goodness

  8. Good grief I almost didn’t recognise Mr Incredible. How on earth did he manage to grow that thing already. Feel sorry for you by the end of the month BB!!

  9. Yep – well done BB with the explanation for the US contingent. There are “other races” in the World and the Melbourne Cup is our yearly version. I so look foward to “OUR” first Tuesday of November, but I think I am running out of time for that illusive first 4.
    Great to see your “blokes” doing a great thing for a charitable cause.

  10. Loved all the photos especially the kid’s fashion and the facial hair. The hobby horses reminded me of a medieval banquet we had in our wee Scottish village, when jousts were conducted on similar steeds.

  11. I want shoe shaped sandwiches. Too cute. Did Mr I grow that in just 6 days?????

  12. Thanks for updating the readers abroad. I’m one of them but I’ve actually been to the Melbourne Cup …. in the 80s. It was quite the glam event … I wore a pink frock with straw hat….
    and even saw Harry Butler at the airport en route home. Are you old enough to remember Harry Butler? I remember that but haven’t a clue who won the race, but remember the horse was related to Native Dancer. Another bit of trivia is that the saddle used on Phar Lap was later used on Seabiscuit.
    And that’s all I know about THAT. :-) Thanks for the memories.

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