Credits and calves


I am hanging up the SOLD OUT sign again on the 2013 Bush Calendar shop…

My second run has been accounted for with fabulous orders from all over Australia and a number of international buyers.  I continue to be gobsmacked at the alacrity with which this year’s edition has been snapped up.

Yesterday, I packaged up and posted off the final orders – I think the local post office brace themselves when I come in with ANOTHER boxful of postpacks.  Anyone who also ordered prints should keep an eye on their mailboxes too…
qcl calendar ad 2013 1 e

I wanted to also say a very special ‘Thankyou’ to the Queensland Country Life - our state’s major rural newspaper – for supporting my little project and helping me raise funds for the HeartKids support group. (Running the ad above in the Town and Country section.)

There are still a few copies of the calendar left at the local saddlery – my only external outlet – if anyone is still looking to secure their copy, email me and I will put you in touch.



In other news, Tiny Toots is going well. She is a real little ‘guts-ache’ who chases me as soon as I have the bottle in hand.

We also have another (slightly older) poddy called Rosie (the lighter-coloured calf) who is a bucket drinker,


and Jools (not pictured here) whose mother is injured and also being cared for in the Granite Glen sick bay.
That’s Bay Leaf in the background – a BIG girl now but no less needy.  She has real personal space issues – which is not fun with those pointy horns of her!

Honestly… so many mouths to feed and bottoms to wipe. (Okay, maybe I don’t wipe all their bottoms, but I DO check them for ticks which is almost as gross).



A final note in this random post… I note that my blog is not showing on Internet Explorer at the moment.

breathe_0340 e

I am trying to get my guru Conor to sort this problem (and no I am not support little blue pills approved by the FDA!) – in the meantime please switch over to Firefox to view things properly.  I am very frustrated with these endless little issues (and never knowing where along the great line of providers and technical hubs I need to go to, to get it sorted!).  Please bear with me…

Signing off with a random photo, shot at the same time as the one above somewhere out in the paddock with Violet, Dash and Cousin Sal…
quirky_0314 e

Clearly taken on a day I had no washing, bookwork, mustering, mowing or internet wrangling to do.

A moment of peace.



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  1. They are so cute BB.

    We had a poddy calf for 2hrs – it was drinking the milk replacement formula too – it was separated from it’s mum for nearly 7days as hub couldn’t catch it .

    It got ‘lost’ in a rough bush /scrub paddock at the muster . Hub tried to find/catch it for days after he spotted it.

    It finally let hub on a merry chase (on foot and via motorbike) through scrub till it hit the dam – swam three times across /back and he caught it.

    Fortunately we found it’s mum (FIL’s cow too) and they were happily reunited.
    Trish´s last blog post ..Quirky, green stocking fillers for kids this Christmas {giveaway}

  2. Well done and the calendars are a credit to you. Great to know that you have overseas clients, as you show great pictures/photos of rural Australia.
    Holy hell, your “little” Bay Leaf has grown. I hope you keep her,maybe she has her mother’s genes and may be a good milker????

  3. Well, it appears to be all sorted out because I read your blog on Internet Explorer as usual.

    Funny to think of Bay Leaf as all grown up. Does she still live in the yard? I imagine she wouldn’t be loosed in the paddocks with the breeding stock. Does she have her own place? Is she a milker, like Colin asked?
    Debby´s last blog post ..The more things change, the more they’re different

  4. Yep that is correct – it refuses to rise -Viagra or no viagra – even my heading says “Viagra” !!!!
    Ah the joys of this medium, it will be the killer in the end!

  5. Normality reigns again – it has “risen” from the abyss of computer/internet land!
    Maybe your big hound, Axel, gave it a lick or Bay Leaf snuck in and gave it a kick??? Who knows!
    Then again are you having any stormy weather – a la Brisbane on last weekend.
    I was quite sure that my computer had gone kaput as I hadn’t pulled the plugs out.
    Cheers again

  6. Hi hon – Firefox refused to load your blog for me too (right now) (I had to come in through a back door), and my reader has you greyed out. Google search Bush Babe and it says ‘this site has been compromised’. Hope you can sort it :( Love from us x

  7. Yep – I came by way of a direct link to this post as your home page looks to be nada (Firefox) – I hope that Conor can sort it for you!

    Look at all of those lovely poddies – reminds me of Bubby and Charley – I can’t remember any others – Red? Was Fergie a poddy or just quiet from the get go?

    Congrats on the calendar – they look brilliant!!
    jeanieinparadise´s last blog post ..Everyone is a critic

  8. Just a reminder… I like your blog – thank you for all of your effort.
    – Bill

  9. Calves are so cute looking, but very strong and pushy, along with being pretty stupid too.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Vizard and Oliver

    • Calves are not really stupid so much as simply driven to feed. They usually are, instinctively, quite frantic to get their little bellies full.

      People can be like that too. So driven by their needs that they can no longer think.
      Debby´s last blog post ..Home

  10. Hey Amanda! Great news that toots is all going well!! I was wondering if you were mustering this holidays and needed some help? I am willing to come down and stay for a couple of days if you want!! See you on the hols!!! xxoo

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