City of Swans

Yesterday the kids, Mr Incredible, Lachy the jackaroo and I took a drive.

We were checking the fire situation in our most southern paddocks… a section of our trip which I shall blog seperately in a little flurry of posts I have planned for today.  (It’s Sunday right – perfect for sipping coffee and reading bush blogs?)

But because it is my friend Kate’s birthday (many of you already know her as Chronicles of a Country Girl) and because I have already teased some of you at my facebook page with this section of images….first up, I bring you our river birds…


As the others trekked to check Dash’s yabby traps, I drove VERY slowly over the rise and down towards the section of the river where I KNOW hundreds of black swans make their home.

I admit that I struggled to truly show the incredible numbers of this colony/flock/family/city of swans… and my trusty little 28-200mm was simply not up to the task of getting close enough to show the beauty of each bird.  But it is still worth sharing the sight that greeted me at the bottom of this dirt road…


I had to be berry, berry quiet and slow (idling along in the Cruiser at walking pace) to try and not set them all into fright and flight.


And because there are so many images, I shall take pity on your scrolling finger and let the slideshow do the talking…

The dozens of pelicans and ducks (in their thousands I reckon!) added to the spectacle…
along with the ibis’s and fence-post-standing shags!
It was amazing.

Of course, my husband (in typical male fashion) took SOME of the magic from the moment when he commented:

‘Yes, but IMAGINE how much bird poo is at the bottom of the river THERE!’



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  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAaay down upon the swanny riverrrrrrrr, far, far away…
    Debby´s last blog post ..Home

  2. My kids are splashing in the pool as I read this. Can’t get enough water in this heat, don’t you think? I’m wishing you an extreme zoom lens in your Christmas stocking this year. Would love to see what you do with close-ups. (PS Shags are great birds to photograph, aren’t they. They just freeeeze so beautifully still).
    Mrs Catch´s last blog post ..When the Squiggles On the Page Really Are Just Squiggles

  3. Ah, please advise Mr I that birds, like ladies, never do their business where they swim – they do like to wait until flying ABOVE targets before anything like that may happen…
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Everyone is a critic

  4. Are you serious!? In the words of Elaine from Seinfeld….”GET OUT!”

    That is one impressive ‘duck pond’.
    And here I was thinking the 2 swans & their 3 cygnets, 2 pelicans, 1 spoonbill, and a hand full of shags at our local duck pond was good! Oh…and the million ibises and cattle egrets.

    *still picking my jaw up from the floor*

    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing.
    Thea´s last blog post ..Photo a Day Challenge – November

  5. Oh Wow BB…all gorgeous!
    The best by far is the passing parade of swans and pelicans passing each other in opposite directions. You couldnt have staged a better shot!
    Do you know where the swans come from?

  6. Oh I would love to see this it is “Amazing” yup lots of poop:) B
    Buttons´s last blog post ..Goodbye Rural Thursday Blog Hop!

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