Dear Mother Nature…

Dear Mother Nature,

You know how I love you and all?

How much of my blog is kinda aimed at paying tribute to you in all your beauty and your power?

Well, here’s the deal…

It’s been so hot since you last saw fit to bless us with some rain, that our landscapes are all …



The ground is parched, the cattle searching for any kind of vaguely greenish grass they can find, the lawn is crunchy underfoot and my veggie garden is yelling for daily sprinkler action…

So I have put out all my ‘offerings’ to you…


I have pegged several loads of washing on the clothesline…


I have left all the windows down on the ute…


And all sprinklers are frantically going ten-to-the-dozen…

But still our weather outlook is as unforgiving as the skies…


I’m telling you Mother Nature…

I have pulled out almost all the stops to tempt rain from your sky… each of which should coax you to relent and send a little H2O our way.  I’m at my wit’s end…


Don’t MAKE me WASH THIS CAR*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted respectfully,

BB of Oz

PS This* is not an idle threat.  Just so you know.

10 Responses to “Dear Mother Nature…”

  1. But you love washing your car…
    Fleur´s last blog post ..The dreaded Christmas card

  2. Well of those things don’t do it….nothing will!!!
    Thea´s last blog post ..Photo A Day Challenge – December

  3. Rule 186 (from the blog you linked to in a tweet last night) –

    “186. Leaving feed bags, half full chaser bins, open silo lids and the like out in open weather does nothing to make it rain when you want it to.”

    I have heard rumours, though, if you spray with weed’n’feed and it requires 3 days no rain, you may be blessed.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Cayenne V Sauce

  4. You are gonna have to wash the car and the dog and the horses….sure to pour then ;)
    Can you please put a PS in to send some a few hundred km’s south. Ta

  5. Oh I do hope you get the rain, I understand we had a terrible dry winter, spring,then summer and we still wait for snow this winter with none in sight to replenish the ground water. Farmers motto “Next year will be better” ever the optimist right?
    I love you photos and you made me laugh. B
    Buttons´s last blog post ..Welcome Frank!

  6. Okay. Grab a single guy and hook him up with the first single girl you can find. Tell them the outdoor wedding is tomorrow. Start inviting the community. That should do it.
    debby´s last blog post ..Different

  7. That emu shot says it all.
    Not good news this morning, the Granite Belt on high fire alert.
    However, there is supposed to be rain moving up from the south, should hit Brisbane tomorrow and hopefully then continue up your way. Also that cyclone off Fiji may bring some rain to your area??
    The best of your commenters suggestions is to poison weeds, no rain for a few days is required. Seems to work here! Every time the gardener here poisons our pestilent weeds, rain appears from nowhere.

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