Merry Christmas from Oz

I am quickly typing this on Christmas night as we stay with my Brisbane BIL and family, on my new gadget – Santa brought me a mini iPad! If anyone knows my in-laws, they will understand that the row of I-chargers here was beyond impressive and getting one’s electronic device into the lineup required military organisation!
I have to admit that this thing is not easy to type on but is going to serve as my e-reader – an exciting development for my reading activities. (Although possibly detrimental for my housekeeping activities!)


The kids have been completely over-excited by the avalanche of gifts and having their ‘big cousins’ in close range.  I expect there to be a very quiet car on the way home tomorrow!



I promise to do a proper update complete with photos of our adventures, which have been many and varied. We have travelled, celebrated one birthday and two Christmases and shopped our socks off (although not in the order).

I do hope that you have enjoyed (or are about to enjoy) a wonderful Christmas-time.

Yuletide love from…

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  1. Merry Christmas from WHITE NJ! May the Prince of Peace set the tone for your New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas ot you and the family from Florida.

  3. You obviously had a great day. I have a funny feeling that you may be in Brisbane?
    I think that everyone here who planned outside Christmas festivities would have been happy with the weather, albeit a bit “steamy”, and today we can all enjoy this wonderful cooling rain and rest.
    I don’t think for SEQ it could have turned out better.
    So watching the Boxing Day Test and the start of the Sydney-Hobart on TV will be great, we won’t swelter.
    I hope Santa delivered rain up on the Granite Belt for you?

  4. I am glad that your Christmas was merry and bright. Ours was white, right along with the merry and bright. Blessedly, the real snow held off until the day AFTER Christmas.

    Blessings to all of you from all of us!
    debby´s last blog post ..Gaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!

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