Flood of panoramas

As  you may be aware if you are a regular reader here, I have recently discovered the panorama function on my iPhone.  And while I do wish there were some blue skies featured here, I thought I’d share some of the beautiful wet weather views I have managed to capture over the past few days…

The river which runs past our house – this is distorted and was actually a straight stretch of river which has been bent into an inlet!  Looks accurately wet though, doesn’t it?

river_1100 e

Our driveway – actually straight along a straight fence, but some groovy panorama action has made it all curvy.  River to left (west) and tennis court area to right (east).

driveway_1097 e

Along the school bus run – the small shallow gullies that feed the very start of a creek which regularly cuts us off here.  Look carefully (or click to enlarge) to see the winding ribbons of water.

goomaram_1099 e

The bridge which saw so much terrible drama last month (where Lucy was rescued after being swept into tree plantation just out of sight of this view).

ceratodus bridge e

Those who know the area will recognise a popular rest area (and camping spot) to left of bridge, Lucy’s house and the railway bridge to the right.

ceratodus bridge 1be

And while I am in no danger of giving up my ‘real’ camera, I do love the landscape feel of these photos. So much scope to tell the story, don’t you think?

Anyone else having photo fun on their phones?



8 Responses to “Flood of panoramas”

  1. BLUE SKIES!!!
    Seems that is presently an old song.
    Miserable still here, the on and off bloody stuff.
    Surely that is not the railway bridge for the northern trains??? Nah, impossible, I hope???
    No ducks and thankfully no geese to be seen, especially the geese from afar.
    Just think, no problems now with winter fodder for the cattle. Good fortune comes in strange ways these days.
    You sure have worked out how to take great photos on that new fangled toy, eh?

    • You know, I am still enjoying the rain… Maybe just too many drought-time memories? I know it’s too much and I know the work ahead of everyone YET again, but the sound of it on he roof still makes me smile. :-)

  2. Love the panorama look! Quite a bit different for sure, but looks pretty cool. I have never played with that on my phone but I think I will to see how it turns out!

  3. What fun those phones can be… my little flip phone can take photos but not like those. I listened to the Lucy clip again and Wow, she surely has got calmness going on in spades, doesn’t she ?~!

  4. Really nice pics from your phone. I am so glad that Lucy is safe, what a girl. I am still reading your archives whenever I get the chance and found out that you got to meet Ree and Julie, how cool is that. I know she just loved you, how could she not. Your personality jumps out all over the place on this blog. Thoughtful, caring, fun, funny, just all around good time. That would be you, and those are the reasons I like Ree and her blog. Yup, like 2 peas in a pod. I have lots more to say but I am falling out tired right now so I’ll be back to drive you crazy tomorrow, LOL.

    • You are FAR too kind Carol… Was so very lucky to be invited to Ree’s place and we treasure our memories from our visit there. Which reminds me … Must get to and bllog that properly!

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