Silver Clouds winner(s)

Well Fleur and I have had a head rush…

We decided to share not one, not two, but THREE copies of her amazing new novel ‘Silver Clouds’ – to reward you all for the enthusiasm of your entries in this little offer.

I compiled all entries  (blog, facebook and tweets) checked, compiled and drew the winners randomly…

*drum roll*

Brian Dodd (@bushboywhotweet)
Susan Bennett
You have each been emailed or messaged – and one of these gorgeous books will be winging it’s way to you this week.  Would love to hear how you enjoy it…

Thanks so much all for playing… but make sure you stick around this week.

The fun (and prizes) ain’t over baby!


5 Responses to “Silver Clouds winner(s)”

  1. Congratulations to the winners! I will look for them next shopping day. By the way BB, I joined twitter quite a while ago but never used it so I still don’t know what i’m doing. Think I should read some directions? LOL My whole dang family is on facebook but Inot me. Too many problems in the states, hackers.

  2. Well, guess I somehow messed up that congrats post.Undefind?

  3. Well, congratulations to the lucky winners, I guess I MUST have come 4th???
    So I have torn up my acceptance speech.
    I even got up very bright and early to see my name in “bright lights”.
    Presently I have the horrible delight of 20 squawking crows from our resident crow colony giving their out of tune rendition of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.
    No wonder poor old Ludwig went deaf.
    Now if you could arrange a hofbrauhaus Bavarian folk dancing competition on sturdy tables I think my new Michigan mate, Carol and I would be the winners!!
    Now Carol, up on your table, stein in hand and start practising!

  4. LOL @ you Colin, So sorry you didn’t win but save your speech for the next one ’cause you might win. Wow, too bad about the dang crows and I hope they don’t make you go deaf. I don’t like crows, I like to hear the robin’s sing, very mellow. And oh yes, there is no doubt in my mind that we would win that folk dancing competition, how could we not. Yes, I’ll jump up on that table and start practicing drink in hand. Actually, I have done some clogging. My girlfriend and I would clog to a song by the country band Alabama called Mountain Music, true story and we are pretty darned good too, LOL.

  5. I am sooo pleased to win :D Thanks BB and Fleur….looks like I will have to write a book review now LOL
    Will have to stalk the PO box…..

    Thanks once again

    little bb

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