It’s my husband’s birthday next week.  And while he’s not much on presents, he did have one big thing he has ALWAYS wanted.

Something it took me months to find and decide on and get delivered (trust me, this last thing is not that straightforward when you live 50km from the nearest ‘courier depot’!).

It arrived two days ago, and we tried it out last night…

pizza_2759 e

A wood-fired pizza oven.  Axel was particularly helpful in getting things organised…

pizza_2777 e

With June now upon us, the nights are definitely cooling off and there is NOTHING like the warmth of a fire…

pizza_2789 e

And a glass of red to contemplate the new purchase… and await the heat to reach the magic number to slide in a couple of these…

pizza_2803 e

MMMmmmmm… peetz-ahhhhhh!!!


Getting out the pizza-cutter (yes, we are a bit pizza-mad here).

pizza_2802 e

Even the gluten-free versions came up a treat!

pizza_2815 e

Those poor little pizzas never looked a chance to escape… heh.

pizza_2791 e

There was a veritable feeding frenzy around the table…

pizza_2828 e

And before we knew it, there was just one piece left!

We are having a small gathering this weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday – and the pizza oven will provide much of the menu.  I am looking for some great pizza suggestions. What is the best base recipe? And what are your chosen topping combinations? Mine is salami, mushroom, semi-dried capsicum and fetta.

What are yours favourites?  Love to hear them… and maybe try them out!


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  1. Spinach and feta – absolutely yum!!!
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Mum’s Magic

  2. When we make ‘em ourselves at home, we tend to go pretty simple, with tomato sauce, beef, pepperoni, and cheese, sometimes adding green pepper and onion for me, or Canadian Bacon, and Italian sausage for hubby and the kids. Hubby and I also like mushrooms, but the kids insist that they don’t.

    I also have rather fond memories of mom working at Big Cheese Pizza, and they used to have dessert pizzas, breakfast pizzas, and other specialties. Some of the leftovers she’d bring home were YUMMMMY!

  3. We tend to be fans of the mushroom, onion, green peppers…but have you ever tried ham and pineapple pizza? Regular pizza sauce, top with thin sliced ham and pineapple and sprinkle with mozzarella.
    debby´s last blog post ..Winds and the cat

  4. Theresa in Alberta Reply June 1, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    That is one nifty pizza oven!!! I would say it is a necessary item since you are a gazillion km’s from the nearest pizza place.
    Thin crust, sauce and mozerella with spinach, feta cheese, black olives mmmmmmm and served with red wine.

  5. How fun…and the pizza looks delicious!

    My favorite is pepperoni, black olives, and red onion (sometimes adding green olives as well). Or, spinach, feta, and red onion.

    Kelly´s last blog post ..White Chocolate, Pecan, Banana Cookies

  6. He looks like a very happy man :)

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