Fog and fur and feathers

Thought I might take you on a journey today, through a photo card recently pulled from my hard-working Nikon.

No, not the WHOLE card (that might kill us all) but a selection of pics from earlier this week.  Not the working-in-the-yards photos, or the mustering photos, or the selling-bulls photos, but something less matter-of-fact.

The tone of this series kinda reflects the damp, slightly dull feeling of my health also… I am still working on kicking the dreaded Man Flu (though I have, thus far, narrowly managing to avoid the waiting room at the local GP).

Seriously heavy fogs meant I took pity most mornings on the kids and drove them to the mailbox/schoolbus stop – they usually ride their motorbikes up.

fog_4054 e

As I was there, a big B-Double truck (that’s a semi-trailer with a second trailer hooked behind it) rolled out of the fog and down the road.  The mother whose children meet the bus a little further on had radioed ahead to warn the bus driver about him coming… you don’t want to be surprised by these big boys!

On the way home I got waylaid by some cobwebs.  As you do!

webart_4101 e

They were woven on bushes…

webart_4087 e

And on fences…

webart_4072 e

While I don’t LOVE spiders, you’ve gotta admire their craftsmanship.  Just beautiful!

web_3260 e

This one, tucked amongst the branches on our Liquid Amber tree like a, ‘Incy Wincy’ hammock particularly tickled me.

The grey weather continued as I headed into town to check my parents’ place and pick up some supplies.  Mum always told me about her ‘pet roos’ who helped themselves to the front lawn…

roo_4185  e

I sprung them in situ!  Those ears are saying ‘Who? US?’

roo_4189 e

This one was being the Qantas symbol, as she hopped away into the paddock.

On the way home, I noticed some pelicans in a now-calm section of the major local creek.

pelicans_4200 e

With dark skies, the light was really weird and eerie.  But there is something so peaceful about pelicans on water, isn’t there?

pelicans_4214 e

Earlier this year, this creek turned into a monster and wiped out many farms and livestock and tried to sweep away houses.

pelicans_4208 e

You’d never know except for the banked-up debris still evident along its banks.


And for the look of stress on the faces of those who live along her banks, who will take years to recover from those floods.  At least our weird winter rains (we are normally quite dry here in the cooler months) are helping those who have replanted crops late in the hope of heading SOMETHING to earn some income this year.  Our fingers are crossed for them all.

I will finish at the start today.  ‘Cause this cough is making me all upside down and back-t0-front…

fog_4107 e

Did you know spiders build webs in the thinnest blades of grass too?

fog_4116 e

And that roos graze and pose all over OUR front paddocks too?  It’s like they know that there is a ‘safe zone’ near houses…


Oh that’s right. There is.

Can someone hand me the cough syrup while I tackle another Everest of washing.


6 Responses to “Fog and fur and feathers”

  1. Thanks for sharing and I hope that ‘man flu’ leaves you be.
    I like you hate those 8 legged creatures that make and live by those webs but I LOVE the webs themselves and wonder at their creation. I really like that last web … what a delicate balance of delicate threads. They just look so pretty with droplets caught from the mist.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Idyllic … but a little noisy

  2. Awesome! As usual :)

  3. That last picture makes me happy for whatever reason…

    I am glad that you’re a noticing person who can take pictures. William and I noticed a spider web just yesterday on our walk. But no pictures were involved. I wasn’t really sad about that until I saw your pictures.
    debby´s last blog post ..Bidding War

  4. Thanks, rest and be well.
    P.S. No roos on my front lawn today.

  5. I’d love to look out the window and see some roos! Your fog fotos are wonderful – I really don’t mind spiders, but I have wandered into my share of webs while hiking in the woods. Aside from the ick factor, I then feel very badly about having damaged such a beautiful, delicate creation.

    Get better! That’s an order!

  6. The spider web shots are really nice. Perhaps there should be one on the next calendar? I had a friend who would always call me a “home wrecker” when I walked through one.

    Hope you are feeling better very soon!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..A dash of this, a pinch of that…

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