Sharing The River

The River which runs by our house features heavily on this blog.

It never fails to draw me in with its hues, its reflections and its wildlife – with its ever-changing mood.

Another reason is that, for more than three decades, it did not run past our house. It didn’t run at all really.  It vanished from our view with season upon season which literally sucked it dry.

I know I am not the only photographer living along its lazy bends, who delights in capturing its magic.  We all know we need to make the most of her, in case she seeps away from us once more.

This weekend I got to share it with a fellow photographer, who travelled more than six hours to see my exhibition, and to visit with us.


Her name is Kylie and she is from the Scenic Rim – a gorgeous part of Queensland which overlooks the Gold Coast area.   She has a Facebook page for her work here - a lover of all things old and rural (my kinda gal!).

And she came down to The River yesterday afternoon, to keep me company as I made the short drive to turn on our pump.

river_7162 e

I suspect The River may have woven its spell on her too…

river_7132 e

We happened to be there for that magic moment when sunset and dusk collide…

river_7138 e

And the water transforms into liquid gold…

river_7142 e

And birds glide and swoop in silhouette…

river_7150 e

Oblivious to the spectators desperately trying to capture just a second of the silent show before them…

river_7159 e

And let me tell you there was a Nikon and a Canon clicking furiously in tandem as the light slipped away…


As fleeting as the birds that skimmed The River…

river_7167 e

I do so love it when Mother Nature plays nice, and shows off for my visitors.

PS I also need to say how very honoured I feel to have an online mate make such a huge effort to see my work, and visit.  Thanks Kylie!

9 Responses to “Sharing The River”

  1. You’ve captured your world so beautifully that everyone wants to see it too. Which is why I nominated you for the RRR woman of the year, if the opinion of a Yank matters in the least.
    debby´s last blog post ..Tomato Butt

    • OMG Debby… you WHAT? Good lord. That is sweet of you, but not sure I deserve it!

      • You and Mr I are passionate about the work that you do, and you are involved in the industry. You document the lifestyle of the campdrafter, you capture (beautifully) the land you live in. You both are wonderful ambassadors for the life you lead, but it was the woman of the year, and Mr. I didn’t meet one qualification. So I had to nominate you.

        If you have any more to say on it, please permit me to say this: You’re not the boss of me, BB!

        Enjoy Ekka and give Fleur a hug.
        debby´s last blog post ..Kids

  2. These “end of day” photos are a beautiful way to end my own day.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Alligator Jerky

  3. Oh wow I love the birds flying in low and the liquid gold of the water. Such a beautiful spot. You are so lucky and I hope it lasts for years to come.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Way back at Monday

  4. Awww – that is so beautiful – you even made me a little glassy eyed! (might just be the exhaustion). Thank you, thank you, thank you – for sharing :) x

  5. I think it is awesome that KAddy came to visit you!! Love the river shots.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..August – Garden Share Collective

  6. Well seems like the water issue is over for awhile for you, that’s good to see.

    Will you be coming down for the EKKA??
    So far – 5 days and it is August!!! – the weather has been great. Maybe this year, Brisbane will get a fine 10 days of EKKA good weather. Pity about the sky-high entry prices.

  7. Absolutely stunning photos, as always. Wish I could be there to see your river with you, but I’ll make do with the photos!

    Thank you

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