First I want to apologise.

I didn’t mean to make you cry… I should have known how wonderful and empathetic you all are, that you would share our tears over Pickles. Of course, reading your sweet comments would set me off again, and I have to admit that ‘the blues’ hit me a little this week.  I knew they would of course.

Sharing the story was cathartic for me.  Then designing a special image and quote for our darling boy, and rejigging the pages so it fit into the 2014 BB of Oz calendar helped too.

2014 10 october pickles1 e

I think a little tribute was in order.  The ‘unicorn horse’ is now the October 2014 page.  I hope you don’t mind.

This is how the back page depicts the new monthly offerings…

2014 calendar back print FINAL e

Of course, I have probably given the printers some major headaches.

I have been juggling the last tweaks of the calendar with preparations for a big bull sale (early next week).  The sale is big. The bulls are too!

We have a long-overdue knee surgery booked for my husband (in a couple of weeks time, meaning lots needs to be done here before we go) and was also first week back at school, with Dash managing to get sick with a virus and home two days in the middle of it, with high temps and headaches.

Consequently, this is what I looked like…

emu_0082 fA very muddled ‘bush chook’, not sure which way to go next, or even how to get there!

As I began to try and climb out of my blue funk and vortex of chores, I noticed things like this…


‘No, I missed Table Manners 101… why do you ask?’

And this…

BULLS_1169 E

 ‘Your mouthful looks better than mine… let’s share!’

BULLS_1155 E

‘Nom nom… yep definitely sweet on the palate, grown on the north ridge and baled early, I’d say.’

And then this…

axel_1172 f

I needed footage really, I couldn’t hold the camera straight as Axel jogged his way toward me. I guarantee you, a lip-flapping Great Dane is terrific therapy for the moody blues.  I highly recommend a ten-minute dose-a-day.

And while I am still frantically trying to get things organised here, I am slowly climbing on top of it all.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your comments, and also how much I have been taken aback (in a good way) with the early calendar orders.

Can I ask one extra favour? If you have a blog, and feel so inclined, I’d love you to share this button and link on your sidebar and/or in a post.


Darling Kelly has already done so here with her own image compilation – thanks so much Kelly!

I must away, to do more bull-ish things, more packing things, more calendar things.

See you on the other side…

6 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. Hi
    Well that is a fitting tribute to a fine horse friend and something that Dash will no doubt always treasure. I forgot to mention in the earlier blog report that it was more than fitting that Dash and Pickles were able to have a fine “last hurrah” at the Pony Club gymkhana.
    I had to have a good look to find the “unicorn” connection! I am getting my eyes tested next week for stronger reading glasses – obviously needed – the “Pickles” prominent left ear
    The Brangus “boys” look in fine fettle, hope they bring good prices.

    Oh God, don’t we all need some rain, I have a feeling that it has forgotten how to rain in Australia. New glasses for reading is my last resort on trying to make it rain, my “Indian” rain dances have been a dismal failure.

    • Keep up the rain dances Colin! We can’t have too many of them, and even if they don’t work you’ll be fitter and the neighbours entertained!

      • Amanda
        They may have been entertained at first, but my baying at the Moon at midnight and frenzied balcony “dances”, seems to be of concern to them now. I have noted white jackets appearing close to front doors and straps that do not resemble surcingles to my eyes.
        Still they all agree we do need rain, but they point blank refuse to join me in rain dances. Maybe you and TOH, plus the rodeo jackaroo and Dash and Violet could do some in the “out of sight” from peering/concerned neighbours eyes on your property????

  2. That is a lovely photo for the calendar, very fitting. I am a bit like that Emu too and will be more so over the coming weeks. The bulls are a funny bunch, I love watching animal antics, thank for making me smile with yours.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Vege Time

  3. Oh my – thanks for the shout out! As one of your biggest fans, it was my pleasure. :)

    I can relate (in feeling) to more than one of these photos. I’m really not sure how you’ve managed with all you’ve had on your plate recently (and in the coming weeks, as well!). You really are superwoman!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Easy-Bake ovens

  4. I know what you were thinking with the first bull pic!!!
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Silverbeet Tian

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