Heaven and Hail

The day started off dry-ish.

dry_2233 e

Like the last 80 or so days have been…

horses_2243 e

Everything has been seeking shade or somewhere cool to doze…

rain_2244 e

And our pregnant mares have been stretching out and hanging near the water, waiting for feed times. The grass sure is getting dry – a couple of light showers last week did add a slight green tinge to the short grass, but not enough for real growth and nourishment for all our horses and cattle.

rain_2317 e

We went for a drive and checked out our poddies – lots of little black babies cavorting around. Their fodder is still fine – milkbars rarely dry up even in drought times!

rain_2320 eAs the clouds (which have loomed and failed to deliver almost all this week) darkened the skies again, we checked on this little darlin’ who is due to have her first baby soon.  She’s not far off at all…

bayleaf_2325 e

Do you recognise this character? And do you note something different about her, from the rest of our herd? Yes. It’s Bay Leaf, and she is the only animal on the place with a set of horns.  We hope she is pregnant and can come home soon to be our house cow. I miss this crazy cow.

rain_2352 eAs we drove further the evidence of the dry is everywhere – this is usually a lagoon to the right of the road.

rain_2378 eThe view to the left shows the ‘double dams’ slowly shrinking and getting boggy around the edges…

On arriving home though, something really strange happened.


rain_2425 eThat’s right… lots of THIS…

rain_2456 e

I may have done a proper cowgirl YEEE-HAAAAA!! There may even have been a little jig involved.

Axel was very worried about me.

rain_2458 e

The horses all turned tail, a good sign that it’s pelting down properly…

rain_2455 e

Chimmy (middle) cracks me up in this pic.  He looks terrible, with his butt tucked in like that.  Lucky we love him so…


rain_2437 eThis is how watercolours came to be… surely? Heh.

Sandy and Scandal waited it out…

rain_2418 eAnd when it eased, there was a beautiful 29mm in the gauge.

And one unlucky ant. Bad luck mate, I had no idea there’d be that much either!

rain_2461 e

Then… an hour later… something made  a strange noise on the roof.  Banging. Thundering….

hail_2475 e

Hail. I cannot recall the last time it hailed here… that usually happens further down south.  My husband was out on the four-wheeler when it started.  He came back in a hurry…

hail_2485 eBut was only willing to pose from the elbow down!

It got up to marble size here at the house, and golfball size out further.  Apparently there were sheets of ice in drains by the road further north of here. Amazing.

hail'_2480 eI have to say, it is exciting to know Mother Nature hasn’t forgotten us here.  Even if she does decide to put on a song-and-dance to payback all the rain dances I’ve been doing lately!

We ended up with 60mm all up.  Magic stuff.

Of course, while I delight in our current weather, I am more than aware that not everyone has managed to get under a summer storm yet.  Add your prayers for those in western Queensland still dealing with shocking drought conditions.  Mine are aimed squarely there right now.

17 Responses to “Heaven and Hail”

  1. Oh wow now that is worth a song and dance and some yelling, shouting and ear to ear grins. Hopefully more comes your way soon and that grass starts growing.
    Anne´s last blog post ..WALT makes it to Cairns

  2. holy cow I bet he came scampering back quickly. I’ve just seen some photos from around Toowoomba of the hail this afternoon, it looked like it has snowed.

    And your thoughts for those of us in Western Qld are greatly appreciated. Our turn will come surely, but until then its nice to see that it can rain elsewhere and that offers relief in many other ways – boosting the market and giving us somewhere to go!

  3. Well my “banshee dancing” has been rewarded.
    Hit Brisbane just after 5.00 pm, massive build up – bloody black skies – then all hell broke lose. Straight down, sideways, east/west/north/south bashings. Thankfully no hail or damage where I live (Albion).
    Still in the darkness, stage two could occur.
    Trust you didn’t get any damage? Rumbles continue now at 7.00 pm.
    Great to see “Bay Leaf” again and looking so well. Pity about her manners being photographed with a mouthful of food!
    Over and out as they say – everything getting turned off to be on the safe side.

  4. so it can rain………still waiting desperately here………thats a great fall………hope you got it all over your property……..and hoping you get a nice followup fall………

  5. Great. It makes ya smile doesn’t it.

  6. Such a welcome sight! Well, maybe not the hail, but certainly the rain.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..A leg here, a leg there…

  7. Wow! I imagine that Mr. I DID come scampering back. Riding a wheeler through pelting hail was probably quite a stinging experience. Still, after it melts, that hail will turn into water too. I’m so happy for you all. I hope you post lots of pictures of the “greening up” Looks like you’re due another good rain on Sunday.
    debby´s last blog post ..Gifts

  8. We, too, are loving the rain. Unseasonal cold and raining for November, but our dam may fill yet. :)

  9. Ahhh, bliss!
    The cloud juice is wonderful when it finally arrives :)

    So lovely to see Bay Leaf!
    Jayne´s last blog post ..Hear ye, hear ye…blah blah blah

  10. Amanda – we all need weather reports – the good moisture variety. Last night BNE got another steady downpour – magnifico! – about two hours.
    Presently – time shown on your blog:
    Coming up from the Stanthorpe area, nice looking clouds, further north west – a bit darker, then further inland north – plenty of dark clouds and eventually some clouds appearing from the Pacific side. A case of waiting, eh?
    I turned off all electrical appliances (not fridge!) last night and to my surprise this morning this darn machine has come to its senses. Works quick smart – miracles do happen.
    Great to see/read that your rural mates all got rain – my God, the country people need it (in good steady stuff!).
    I think I now hear thunder.

  11. That was a real story Amanda, really interesting. Where is the station situated?
    I have only been ready for about 4-5 mnths. You have probably said before. Love the ststion life.

  12. Wow, that’s pretty big hail! It’s stinking hot here and for one, dry. But we’re loving that, because it’s harvest. I”m so pleased you’ve finally got some of the wet stuff.
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..What the mail brings in…

  13. We only got 7.5 ml here – but it was very gladly received. Back to bluster and threats.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Food Bleurghing

  14. Don’t think I am stalking, but it looks like you’ve got some rain coming in the next week. How nice. It’s not a deluge but regular sensible rain. I’m so happy!!!!!
    debby´s last blog post ..Unfrozen

  15. Hope the greening up holds the hungry eaters until the next rain arrives. My heart reaches those still awaiting their share of the elixir of life.

  16. Hope you got another soaking last night?
    BNE got a great one – in my area anyhow.
    Plenty of bluster with lightning and thunder before it settled in – heavy at first then solid from about 6.00 pm until 2.00 am, and looks presently like more to follow.

  17. Weather Update (BNE).
    At 4.45 pm BNE got Armageddon and the 4 Horsemen of the Acopalypse for about 10 minutes – I turned off everything – best to err on the side of caution. No damage here.
    I hope you were spared – rain yes – hell and fury no! I am bloody sure your 3 horses as shown would have not enjoyed it. Hopefully as it looks like returning it will be just steady rain – fingers crossed??????????

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