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If you’re a regular round here, you will know that we have needed a few trips to Brisbane lately.

Dash and Violet have been dragged from pillar to post (or to be more specific, from doctors’ rooms to hospitals) as I take care of my recent diagnosis.

They have been so good – quite patient amid a fair bit of upheaval.  We have tried to squeeze in some movies (I can recommend How to Train Your Dragon 2) and a little bit of ‘fun shopping’ (where Dash stocks up on all kinds of goodies and Violet inspects and then carefully leaves potential purchases on the shelf, she’s very moneywise).  They are thoroughly OVER visiting the Big Smoke now however (as we face our fouth trip in four weeks) and have voted to stay with friends and family for this journey.

One thing we DID do, to try and make their school holidays SLIGHTLY enjoyable, was spend a couple of nights in a nice city apartment.

city_9628eVery nice beds. Groovy linen too.  But that’s not the main attraction at Brissy’s tallest building, where the Metiron apartments are.*

city_9643eYou ready? It blew my mind.

city_9647eAnd that of our kids too…

city_9629eNow THAT, my friends, is how to take in the city.  Looking west along the Brisbane River and Coronation Drive (hugging river at right) past Mt Coot-tha and towards the Darling Downs…

city_9680 e

And it kinda got even better as the sun went down…

city_9657eYou might not see stars in the sky as easily, but it has it’s very own beauty from this angle…

city_9652eTelevision towers silhouetted on Mt Coot-tha.

city_9668 eTrails of traffic during peak hour (see Lang Park/Suncorp Stadium at top right of this shot)…

city_9666 e


I was simultaneously admiring the view while thanks my lucky stars I wasn’t IN that traffic…

city_9700 e

You’ve GOT to admit. That’s pretty. Pretty stunning really.

I was curious to see what morning would bring, when the traffic had ebbed and the early-birds of the city get active…


Rowers ready to do a U-turn…

city_9708It looked kinda cool in the early-morning shadows cast by the city along this stretch of river.  Of course, they were being far more active that I, in my warm apartment hugging a hot coffee.


Check out the longest shadow in this scene… that’s the building we were in. Mind blowing for a bush chick!

Do you want to know how high we were, to get these incredible views?


NB This is NOT a sponsored post.  Meriton have no idea who I am.  I just thought you’d enjoy the views like we did!

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  1. So where is that in comparison to where I stayed at the Stanford? I know I could see that bridge in the photos!
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..A new look for

    • Brissy is a river city and has MANY bridges… the one you saw was the Storey Bridge (to the east of here). This is around a bend in the river (with the city itelf between the Stamford and where these were taken), looking west. :-)

  2. What stunning views!! While I’ll always prefer small towns and rural areas for the long term, there’s something to be said for the beauty of a big city.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Squash sex

  3. I am glad you have been able to see the beauty and share it. I found moving to Cairns (nowhere as big as Brissy) that my immediate reaction was that I hated it. Being taken from the remote life to city life was a shock to the system. After a yr and a half here I have learned to see the beauty. I still haven’t completely fallen in love with city life but I enjoy seeing the beauty, especially the unexpected. Wise choice on the kids part staying with friends, repeated trips can just get too much. Keep seeing the upside, the beauty. So how high up were you? Love the lights on sunset, like a different starry sky.
    Anne@Grit and Giggles´s last blog post ..Cairns Show 2014

  4. I wondered what the Metiron place was as I viewed it from the train. Pity QR and/or Translink isn’t so splendid. Hope you didn’t have to use a train?
    Sure has great photographic views of Brisbane and you have captured them well.

  5. What amazing views you have been allowed to see as part of the total package of this challenge. V&D have been superb, haven’t they ?~!
    Lynda M Otvos´s last blog post ..Like the Beanstalk, It Grew and Grew

  6. Coincidence – I am staying at the Meriton this weekend!! (the one on Herschel St – I hope my views are this good!) Hope you are well!

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