So SUPER, such a DIVA!

I admit it… I am turning into a Super Moon addict.

When I heard there was one happening over the weekend, I got a little excited.  Which was nice, because with everything that’s been going on around here lately, I had not BEEN too excited or inspired with my photos for a few weeks.  I loved shooting it last year across a neighbours paddock (when I was on a very sharp learning curve with my exposure for night skies!).

This time I decided to attempt to shoot the moon over some water.  Cause I am ambitious like that… and apparently slightly mad.

I went down to the Big Bridge – the one that went RIGHT under water during our flood summers (2010/11 and 2012/13).

This is what is looked like a couple of years ago…
flood_0021(It was super-slippery on that bridge with all the silt that had been deposited by flood waters.  Could I keep anyone OFF it though?  Not a chance.)

And this is what it looks like now…

supermoon_0201 eThe water has gone down about 7 metres – thanks to ongoing dry weather and big water releases to farmers downstream from the dam wall.  You get an idea how much water has vanished if you consider it is around 15km from here to the dam wall.  Seven metres drop over that areas.  Does my head in.

It is still quite beautiful here despite the lower water level, but there is now a stomach-churning drop from the long, narrow bridge to the water (trust me, I spend quite a bit of time on this shoot calling out to Dash and Violet to SIT DOWN while they were fishing. The listened about 50% of the time.  My nerves are still a little jangled.)

supermoon_0237 eYou can see the edges (quite steep this side) which are now exposed.

supermoon_0222 eTrees and branches above the bridge height still bear debris as evidence of those previous incredible high water levels…

supermoon_0277 eThat car in the distance would have been well underwater 18 months ago!

supermoon_0285 eAs the sun dropped and clouds swirled on the horizon (such a dilemma – the photographer in me wished them away, the farmer in me BEGGED them to stay) …

supermoon_0285 eI felt like the moon was being a bit of a diva and holding off on making her grand entrance…

supermoon_0278 eSo for a few moments, I turned west and gave the sunset a little attention.

supermoon_0259eSubtle lovely elements just waiting to be silhouetted against a blue that only the moments of magic JUST on dusk can offer…

supermoon_0263 eSimple and sweet…

supermoon_0270eEven cobwebs and their haul looked groovy…

supermoon_0313 eAnd then, in the distance through the trees… THERE she was.

supermoon_0326 eI scrambled to find the best spot to grab my shots – that small slice of space between the trees, above the road, trying to work out if reflections were possible.

(A hint for fellow snappers – I bracketed these photos A LOT.  I will explain in a later post but it bracketing for varying exposures is a MUST do.)

Red dirt road, silhouetted bush and …

supermoon_0316 eOne SUPER gorgeous moon.

supermoon_0397 eAnd she DID reflect kinda nicely…

supermoon_0389 eDark muddy waters have their good points.

supermoon_0411 weAnd even though it was impossible to pull off an ocean-type moon-directly-over-the-water reflection photo, this worked pretty well.

And then, after packing up fishing gear and kids to get home to cook dinner, as I drove the 6km home I had a little brain wave.

This was taken just sitting beside a barbed wire fence…

supermoon_0459fSometimes it’s the simplest of things that work, don’t you think?

Hope you enjoyed my Super Moon photographic efforts.  Did you get some?  Please feel free to share links in comments.


19 Responses to “So SUPER, such a DIVA!”

  1. I’ve got a very heavy heart at the moment and your beautiful photos have been like a small dose of medicine. Thank you.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Franklin

  2. WOW to the photos Amanda.

  3. WHAT!!!! No Ekka this year?
    I was sure you would have been here and the weather has turned on a treat. The committee must be over the moon with the crowds, and none of that usual August winter winds!!!

    Looks like you still have ample water up there, but rain would be handy wouldn’t it?

    • No Ekka Colin… starting chemo shortly remember? No flus allowed for me! :-)

      • Memory cells now in place. Wise decision and there is plenty of flu around down here.
        Anyhow looks like the “stuff” from above has come and your area in right in the “glorious
        path”. Good luck with a plentiful supply.

  4. Beautiful pictures, love ‘em! I’ve tried to capture pictures of the moon, and proved to myself that I need a LOT more practice and study.

  5. Gorgeous!
    debby´s last blog post ..Checking in

  6. WOW!!! Great shot eh!

  7. So exciting to see you out and clicking.

  8. That last shot is GORGEOUS! LOVE!!
    Deb´s last blog post ..Summer?? Already???

  9. On my photo blog on 365project I saw a super super-moon shot. Discussion that followed revealed it was shot with a new zoom lens worth $2500. So is the formula extending, practice, study, good program, special toys? I think the key is the person behind the camera with an eye for capturing the moment and a willingness to make that special effort – the person prepared to stop the car on the way home from the photo shoot to take that last perfect shot.

  10. These shots are superb Amanda. What is the Dam you mention? Hope all goes well with your Chemo.

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    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any suggestions?

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  12. Rain glorious rain!
    24 hours of the wonderful stuff here now in Brisbane and looks like continuing.
    Sure hope you and out west are getting the same steady deluge??

  13. Just beautiful!

  14. Wow, I am so glad I don’t have to choose only 2 or 3 because these are all perfect! But I would love one on the calander, so beautiful. Here we call it the Harvest Moon and I stood outside and looked at it for a looong time. You have become an amazing photographer, I want to crawl right into some of your pictures. But then that might seem a little weird, Ha!

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