Welcome to the Granite Glen store… a comfy corner of this little black blog where you can browse to your heart’s content.

Grab that cup of coffee and kick back for a while – I have taken a LOT of photos since I started blogging two years ago.  Not all are brilliant, but there could be a couple worth hanging on your wall, sending to a friend, or just writing on the back of (postcard style).  If you happen to find something you like in my archives, please let me know what size print you require by emailing your request to – I shall do my best to let you know options and prices (between wrasslin’ kids and calves).

Here are some framed photos I currently have for sale – they are printed on metallic paper which gives gorgeous colour reproduction and framed in local recycled hardwood timber.

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I also sell calendars each year, helping raise funds for Heartkids Australia.

Late in 2009, I had the bright idea to create a Bush Babe calendar from the gazillions of images I shoot – it was enormous fun as you lot helped me choose the photos… and then promptly bought the lot!

Here is a slideshow of the 2010 calendar shots:

The 2011 calendar SOLD OUT TOO…

See the Slidshow

The 2012 Bush Calendar also went fast….

AS did the 2013 edition…

And now the 2014 calendar is ALMOST GONE TOO…

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This year I have incorporated even more colourful images into the calendar, including additional images onto the date pages for each month.

I also have a series of ready-to-go postcard packs, inspired by the calendars.

Of course I have gazillions of other photos from the bush (and our travels).

Please email me with orders or requests  –

Because I am a really generous chick, I am also adding free screensavers and backgrounds here .


Click on this link and save the file to your computer.

Then use your Control Panel to change Appearance/Desktop Background and choose this file!

It’s the exact image that’s on MY desktop as I type this in…

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