Rodeo Drivin’ (Ch 2)

Part Two of the American FairyBlogTale Trip…

WARNING: the following post may induce food envy . Or window-shopping envy. Don’t say you weren’t warned…


So there they were, our Aussie FairyBlogTale Family, in Los Angeles – the City of Angels, home to Hollywood and location of their hotel. Not only were they in LA, they were in Beverley Hills.  And not only were they in Beverly Hills, they found themselves on that famous street:

Rodeo Drive.

trip LA_0061

It was actually quite quiet… the Grammy Awards were on  couple of days before our Family arrived, so everyone was probably catching up on their beauty sleep.  Unlike our family who were valiantly trying to stay awake til an appropriate bedtime (sometime after 6pm).

The Mother noted that Beverly Hills is INSANELY clean.  Unlike some of the more ‘regular’ parts of LA that they were taken through to get there from LAX, it’s squeaky clean. No-one seemed game to drop any litter (do rich people have litter, she asked herself?) and the streets were polished daily in the wee hours every morning.  They didn’t see one dirty (or old) car at all.  It was a little bit weird (keeping in mind that the Mother owns an almost permanently filthy red-dirt-slathered vehicle).

After exploring the Farmers Markets in a somewhat jet-lagged daze, the Family had showered the weariness from their extremities and went for a stroll to find somewhere to dine.

It was a little distracting, with all the Very Familiar store names they passed as they strolled down the dirt-free pavement…
trip LA_0090

And as they progressed along the Cleanest Street in The World, the Prince and Princess pressed their faces against some pretty gorgeous windows…

trip LA_0135

trip LA_0099 (2)
Very, very noice

It is possible the Mother also pressed her face against this window. The security guard inside may or may not have scowled at this inappropriate behaviour.

And then there was the occasional freaky/trendy window to truly mesmerise the Prince and Princess…

trip LA_0143


And the Mother thought: The ideal way to save money is to stay on a street where one has NO CHANCE of affording ANYTHING in the stores.

She really was an (accidentally) clever thing.

And finally the Family found a little place that overlooked this…
trip LA_0132

They thought it looked kinda familiar…

trip LA_0124

The Beverly Hills Wilshire, made famous by the movie, Pretty Woman

Just to be clear, the Family didn’t go into THAT hotel (they really weren’t quite game)… but the Mother did look up every time someone walked out, in case it was Vivian and Edward.  (This IS a FairyBlogTale after all.)

The little patio restaurant which tempted our Family, overlooking that famous BHW facade, proved a great find.

There was Pasta…

trip LA_0115

Crumbed (I’m sorry, breaded) baby octopus and…

trip LA_0107
Mouth-watering Calamari…

trip LA_0110

Tender, juicy Steak (but of course!)…

trip LA_0114

And Mussels…

Gentle reader, can you believe that that little country Prince, who was TUBE-FED as a baby, devours mollusks with gusto?

trip LA_0105

Oh yes he did!

trip LA_0119

Of couse, these mussels were perfectly cooked in a garlic cream sauce,encouraging adventurous little palates…

And the Mother secretly thought:

‘Far OUT, he is going to cost us some funds to feed, when he reaches his teens!’

But she also got the same tiny thrill of delight she gets EVERY time her Prince ate with enthusiasm.  (Which is often.)

The family finally staggered out of the little patio restaurant, replete, exhausted and smiling.

trip LA_0147

And as they stumbled home along the cleanest street in the World, the Family were more than happy to pose for a friendly couple who took on Quid Pro Quo camera duties.  (If you look closely you might be able to spot the toothpicks holding their eyelids up).

trip LA_0146

All in all, it was pretty nice welcome to Beverly Hills, LA…

Rodeo Drive style…


Footnote: food photos taken with a 50mm f1.4 Nikon lens.  SO much fun. (For non-photo-nerds, just trust me – it’s gorgeous!).

12 Responses to “Rodeo Drivin’ (Ch 2)”

  1. Dash looks quite earnest about those mollusks too!
    debby´s last blog post ..Just a little longer

  2. What an adventure you are having in this replay. And taking me with you-I live by San Francisco and haven’t spent more than a couple nights in LA area.

  3. It all looks amazing. I’m loving the photos of your fairytale adventures – especialy love that last family shot. Tired or not, it’s a lovely pic.

  4. Thanks for sending along a taste of your adventures in wonderland. Jealous, jealous, jealous of that new Nikon!!!!

    Someday you’ll have to come back and visit Yellowstone National Park. We’ll give you the grand tour! Make sure Old Faithful blows extra high and maybe ride in the tram to the top of the ski lift at Jackson Hole ski resort.

    Glad you made it home and safe. Hope you get to catch up on that sleep…sometime.

  5. Love the fairy tale so far
    Love the family pic too – I’m betting there’s not too many with all FOUR of you in them?
    Waiting for more please…

    <–really DON'T love the grumpy, crabby looking avatar I've been assigned over to the left tharrr!!

  6. Ah shucks BB!
    You could have tried a bit of Julia Roberts! Would have been a bit exciting to see how far you could have gone in the Lobby! The big “fella” could have been close by to rescue you!
    Did you really eat all those meals shown?
    Not the mussels, as shown being eaten with great fever by that young “Fella”!
    The sauce looked OK but.
    Great report as usual.

  7. Yum – although our Latina Fresh Ravioli tonight was pretty darned good too!!
    jeanie´s last blog post ..That was the week that was

  8. Oh my gosh — I am heading to San Francisco next month and CANNOT wait for some good octopus! (Don’t get that out in the prairie of South Dakota too much).

  9. Wow it was like I was there but now I am extremely hungry. Oh to have some of that beautiful food in that beautiful restaurant on that clean street in that wonderful city. I guess I will grab a peanut butter sandwich. Thanks for sharing. B
    Buttons´s last blog post ..A Simple Gift! On My Mind

  10. Theresa in Alberta Reply March 25, 2011 at 11:45 am

    That shot of you with your family is the best one!!!! I think those designer shoes and purses cost more than my monthly mortgage payment. what a fab trip just window shopping….I spy a Canadian flag at the pretty woman hotel :p

  11. OK, NOW I’m hungry, but I’ll pass on the mussels. The photo of the 4 of you is great – can’t believe you’re all still smiling!! What a record this is making of your trip.

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