Special visit to the farm

Our teeny tiny one-teacher school visited Granite Glen this week.

It was a visit with a purpose – with our kids, and a couple of their friends, making short videos talking about their family and what they love about farm life.


It was precious. Here is Violet on Sandy, talking to camera about how she is a sixth generation farmer.

And then her big brother discussed the adventures he and Pickles go on together

While I know that not all Dash and Violet’s classmates are from farms, it still amazed me how much it all amazed them.

schoolvisit_2557 e

This little man wanted to sit on a bull. We decided that might not be a great thing to do, and let him scratch one instead.

Don’t you love the contrast between the bull and the student? And Mr I’s jeans and the student’s shorts? Heh.

This little man had also written into his script that he loved our poddies.

So I decided to let our (half Red Brangus-half Dairy calf) Bay Leaf back into the house paddock (she and Horseradish have been running happily with some older heifers in a nearby paddock).

And while the kids seemed to love meeting her (and being doused with some of her slobber), the novelty soon wore off for me.


Once a poddy…


Always a poddy…


I swear I have bruises on my left arm from her enthusiastic ‘suckle’. She’s not a cute little calf anymore. She’s weaner-size and VERY strong and heavy. Did I mention that she darned near took my skin off and a finger or two as I tried to walk back home, after waving the teachers and kids off?


I know I double checked to make sure my engagement ring was still intact once I had escaped into the houseyard, and chained the gate firmly behind me.

I am trying to imagine coping with her when she is a full-grown cow…

Slightly terrifying.



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  1. Zee watch? She is waterproof, no?

    LOL. I loved this post. 6th generation? Well, I certainly got that wrong. And do we get to see the video when it is done?
    debby´s last blog post ..Orientation

  2. Yes Deb. Waterproof. Time will tell if spit-proof.

    Not sure about video – will check. Might do our own perhaps?

    And PS – Pics of me taken by Dash – pretty good, no?

    • Mama cows get kind of ornery with their weanlings. I hate to say it, but you might have to give Bay Leaf a sharp smack on her nose a few times to break the sucking.

      And yes. Dash is his mother’s son.
      debby´s last blog post ..Orientation

  3. That was a fun day. thanks for sharing.

  4. Awww…shes so pretty BB…Bayleaf is looking sooo healthy. Great to see her now.
    But ick…the slobber! Its been a long long time since I’ve dealt with the slobber! But love the smell of the calves and poddys…good memories.
    Whats in her future BB? Whats the plan for Bayleaf?
    Dash did a great job with the photography…might take after you in the creative field eh! And I’ll bet Violet has got a captured audience already! Too much cuteness!
    Would love to see the video too.

  5. Awww, that little fellow with the bull looks so cute! :)

    I’m thinking it’s time to wean Bay Leaf from your arm – It might get dangerous before too long!!

    Fun photos today!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..I Spy – Stuffed Animals

  6. Can you imagine what it would feel like to have her doing that to teats? OMG. Ouch.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Book Review: Whole Latte Life

  7. What a great day you all had! But, ick! The slobber! And yes, Dash did a great job as a photographer; please tell him I said so!!!

  8. It is amazing how amazed kids who are not from farms are, isn’t it? I am hoping to raise a city daughter who is familiar enough with farms to not be too amazed… we shall see. -kate

  9. I thought you got bitten by that calf.
    When ever I visit a farm, it makes me feel the old times.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Mean´s last blog post ..Cheminée avec insert

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