Black and white

I am working some photos today, for my cousin and his wife.  Some long-anticipated family pics…

We didn’t think we’d managed to elicit many smiles from this little cherub, but I was happy with the end results…

I am sharing just a couple here tonight, before I head off and try to wrestle the remote control from my husband to try to watch a little Olympic swimming.  (He has a very firm grip on that device sometimes!).

I have been messing with actions for these images – vacillating between black and white ….

and a BB amendment I call “B&W Almost” which lets a little colour seep back into the shot.

It’s all fun… I was lucky to have such great ‘models’ to work with.

Even my ‘littlest cousin’ Tom.  (Donchya hate it when you are the little cousin despite being almost 30! Heh.)   I love that I get to document Tom’s life a little – from his single-ish days to his and Nell’s wedding and now their first-born.  Very cool.

How is everybody going with these? Any clucky twinges out there?

Catch you when it’s Sunday.



5 Responses to “Black and white”

  1. BB, such gorgeous photos…..they make my heart warm! I love the B&W amendment.
    What photo editing software do you use?

    And in answer to your question – plenty of clunky twinges/tugs here! How old is the little poppet?
    Ainsley´s last blog post ..A message in a bottle…..

  2. Love the B&W amendment. It is softer than B&W. How do you do that, with what program do you do that?

    Yes 100% clucky twinges here … but then there always are.

    Gorgeous photos.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Taking Away and Rotational Grazing

  3. What a marvelous gift you are to your family! Wonderful pictures, wonderful moments, captured perfectly.
    Debby´s last blog post ..Storm

  4. I dunno about a gift Deb… the gift that keeps taking (photos) maybe?

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful shots. And what a gorgeous little girl.

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