Birthday birds…

It was Violet’s eighth birthday yesterday. Which coincided with the last day of school for 2012.

As you can imagine, she had a pretty good day…

The WHOLE school (of just over 20 students, with parents chiming in loudly) sang Happy Birthday to her.


She got her special cake – chocolate mud no icing (just icing sugar!) and stick in sugar roses that she could hand to someone else (and yes, World’s Fussiest Child).

Her mother was slightly relived when she decided she just wanted an ‘8’ shaped cake.  (And yes, World’s Least Cake Decorating Talented Mother).

But the REAL highlight of the day, were the three little offerings I had driven three hours for the previous day.

Three little yellow downy….



Ever since this encounter, ‘ducklings’ have been the only real wish on her birthday list.


I think she might have been a TEENSY bit excited to unwrap our offering.

(A big thanks to our jackaroos Lachy and Cal for ‘duck-sitting’ the previous night!)

Of course, keeping them safer than ‘Bolt‘ will be a challenge.  The woman who sold these to me advised that crows are their most likely predator.  We can add cat and snakes to our list.


Axel may scare them to death, but doubt he’d actually eat them.  He is awfully curious though, and when they have a little run on the lawn, he does get tied up!

ducks_4932 e

Many hours have already been spent holding, stroking, talking to and generally getting these three little Welsh Harlequin babies over their natural shyness.


No point resisting little one – get used to the attention!


After great debate, they have been christened… Nibbles, Bubbles and Troubles.


I get a great kick out of the joy she takes in such a simple gift – at just $7 each, they didn’t break the bank.

Of course, keeping them from the various predators will be our challenge.


I’ve a feeling they’ll be very closely watched though, don’t you?

How about you – what’s the most memorable gift you received as a child?



10 Responses to “Birthday birds…”

  1. Welsh Harlequin!
    Well BB, you sent me straight to Wikipedia to find out. Never heard of this breed before, they looked like the common muscovies!
    They breed well also, so from 3, you may end up with Violets Duck Farm!
    Brangus stud and Duck farm! Now that is a great combination of names.
    Apparently also excellent meat for the table, (better not show the b/day girl, Violet, that!)
    Gawd, it has turned on the heat here today, maybe storms to cool us off tonight. I sure hope so.

  2. Oh, I’m glad Violet had such a wonderful birthday!

    My most memorable gift as a child? I’ll sound like a nerd, for sure. It was the year that I received “Tom Sawyer”.
    debby´s last blog post ..Different

  3. Er. Not sure what all the babble-y stuff is.
    debby´s last blog post ..Different

  4. Aww, did I miss it? Sheesh. Happy birthday, Violet – hope you had a great day.

    Scotty´s last blog post ..This and That

  5. Happy birthday Violet :) Paris wanted to sing you happy birthday many times again today…
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Cayenne V Sauce

  6. Happy Birthday Violet, your Mom sure knows how to buy neat birthday gifts. Enjoy your school break, lots of riding and duck petting.

  7. What a great gift! Happy Birthday to Violet!!

    I think I’d worry more about Axel stepping on one by accident while trying to play with them.

    It wasn’t a gift, but I do have fond memories of hatching chicks in an incubator.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..My latest obsession

  8. Isn’t she turning into a young lady rather quickly. I hope the ducklings thrive and well done all to not mistype duck.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..A South Yarra Stroll Pt 1

  9. Isn’t she turning into a young lady rather quickly. I hope the ducklings thrive and well done all to not mistype duck.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..A South Yarra Stroll Pt 1

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