Draftin’ in the Dust

Another big weekend under our belts here – our rhinstone-studded, campdraft belts, that is!

(FYI, my husband does NOT wear rhinestones. Pretty sure he’d like me to point that out.  Nor do I. But some of the competitors in the following slideshow do.)

Despite the promise of some rain on Saturday morning, and some storms around the ridges this afternoon, the weekend’s campdraft event was a fairly dusty affair.  That said, the competition was pretty spectacular, and my camera did happen to get busy at some stages…

Ready for a quick sample of the amazing action at the local campdraft from the past couple of days?

Keep your eyes peeled for my family (including my parents) amongst the images.

Also spot the bloke in his 80s (showing those whipper-snappers how it’s done), our jackaroo getting in on the action and the gorgeous gals mixing it with the menfolk (and then some!).

And you didn’t even have to get dusty watching! Hope your weekend was a feast for the eyes too.

PS  If you want to feel what it’s like from the saddle – check out this clip I made last year!

Late edit: Slideshow and Go Pro link have now been fixed – my apologies. Technology bucked me off again!

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  1. I actually saw a couple older competitors. I liked that. So what’s Mark going to do with HIS rhinestones? I’ll bet Violet would be happy to wear them for him! We spent Saturday with a bulldozer and a very drippy nosed little boy (and a zillion black flies). Today, after church, we will celebrate my niece’s 16th birthday.
    debby´s last blog post ..How’s it hanging?

    • Debby – there are actually a couple of legendary horsemen in this slideshow – Wally Rea (on the strawberry roan horse) and Ken May (chestnut horse with blaze). Age doesn’t matter in this sport – athough a decent set of knees, amazing anticipation and extraordinary cow-sense and horsemanship are kinda essential! Sounds like a big weekend at your place too… :-)

  2. Is Ned STILL drafting!!?? Wow, the man is a legend.

    Violet looked like she enjoyed her time on Sandy.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Mexican Rice – Paradise Style

  3. Bit like a “Where’s Wally” slideshow but you have to look for the green shirt not red and white ;)

  4. Loved the slide show, but when I went to your camp draft youtube link I got to watch Dash smiling after telling you his tooth was wobbly! Oh, well.

  5. Great pics, as always, BB :-)

  6. Very interesting – campdrafting, to cattle being mustered and I stopped at the Killer Whales and flamingoes – I presume at some nature park – Sea World? or somewhere in the US?
    I think I spotted your folks – in the stands!
    Top row? If so they are sure looking very well.
    Wish we could get some rain – in MODERATION, the good soaking stuff.

  7. No dust down here at the moment, in fact we woke to steady, gentle rain and a temp of 15… I think it’s actually August, not nearly October.

    Your weekend looks amazing. We spent ours on the tractor cutting hay and marking lambs. No opportunity for amazing photos like you always take!
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..When opportunity knocks

  8. Loved it all, but my favorite was the concentration of those horses. Wow.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..CROCKS AND GATORS

  9. Team Penning in some areas and/or Camp Drafting in others, is good fun for most ages. Mix fresh cattle plus a spirit of friendly competiion, some degree of competence in the saddle,and a good cow-smart horse — stir it all up in an areana or corral and you have a recipe for fun. Thanks for sharing

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