The Whole Shebang

I asked a question over at my Facebook page this afternoon, after Patch decided to go first in the Maternity Ward we have going on here at Granite Glen.

It read as follows:

How graphic can you handle pics of puppies being born?
1. The whole McCoy
2. A bit cleaned-up please
3. Only when they have their eyes open and stop looking like little rats.

The response, within minutes, was a little overwhelming.  30 responses demanded #1.  Two politely asked for #3.

Coral and Julie, you might like to look away now from this post.  (Here are some pics of past puppies for ya!).

Also anyone having breakfast, with very young children to whom you do not wish to discuss birds, bees or birthing sacs with, might also like to pop over to above link.

All you as keen to observe the wild and wonderful miracle of puppy-birth, please enjoy.

Because while my last post observed she had finished at 7 (with one little fellah not making it), our Mama decided to add a couple more to her litter.  I managed to get there for the final* one…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pretty amazing, eh?

For those who have not seen animals eat birthing sacs, bite off umbilical cords and consume afterbirth, it’s all as Mother Nature intended:

An experienced mother will break the sac covering each puppy and lick it to clean it. She will also bite off the umbilical cord and eat the placenta and afterbirth. An unbroken sac could drown the puppy as it tries to breathe for the first time.

The dead puppy, whom Patch tried to stimulate for an hour after birthing it (to no avail) remained with her throughout. We did try to take it away once it stopped breathing, but she kept bringing it back.  She would place it near the other puppies, then when it wouldn’t move, she’d push it away and lie between it and the others.  She wanted it near, but not with them.  Both Dash and Violet were interested and a little sad, but fine with the idea that not all babies necessarily make it.  As it is, she has one puppy for each teat – just right.

It was tough peeling the kids away, convincing them to give Patch some space and privacy to get to know her eight new babies.

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden things feel just a little more festive here … could it be our ‘virgin dog in the manger shed’ and her newborn child messy litter under the watchful eye of three wise men two jackaroos, the Boss man and two curious kids?


* At least we THINK it’s the final one.  Will let you know DEFINITE final tally in the morning…

11 Responses to “The Whole Shebang”

  1. So does everyone get to keep one?

  2. No Kylie… we have quite enough. They will be given to good homes. Need to point out that that is a steak sitting in front of Patch too – a reward for when she is done with all that whelping!

  3. A pre Christmas miracle indeed. What gorgeous little pups and such a good mamma. I love the pic of one pup and the hands.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Cockroaches

  4. Awwwwww!!! No matter that I just finished my tea and toast while reading this. I’ve got a stomach of iron. ;)

    Puppies are cute even at that “rat” stage. Such tiny little noses, paws, ears….

    I have to admit – this left me feeling fairly festive as well!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Shaped Puzzles

  5. Puppies!! Adorable! And what a good Mom Patch is, first time too. Hope the horses are just as successful and uneventful.
    LindaP´s last blog post ..Thanksgiving Success

  6. No worries here – strong stomach!
    In New Guinea I was given a tortoise shell kitten by another teacher and at the same time, one of my native schoolkid’s dog had a litter and in great pomp and ceremony I was given one. Anyhow these two grew up together as Brother and Sister like.
    The cat turned out to be sex-mad! No way could you lock her in when she came on heat. She went ballistic so the tom’s had fun.
    Vets in TPNG were as scarce as hen’s teeth!
    When the time came for the kittens – always ungodly hours, she would jump onto my bed and let me know. So her box was arranged, Monty the dog was on hand as the midwife and as the kittens came out he did the cleaning! In all she produced 36 kittens, try over 4 years getting decent homes for them! Eventually I ran out of supplying the administration staff in various postings with presents! And so, well, best not go into that one.
    Good to know that you have homes for your new arrivals. Is this the first litter for Patch?
    Yes exciting days in Colonial PNG!

  7. Puppies make me smile.

  8. Good job, mama dog !~! Here’s to healthy puppyhoods and loads of their indescribable breath.
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..Happy Birthday, Baby Boy Wyatt

  9. Awww, absolutely wonderful :)
    Jayne´s last blog post ..Regional Rail Revival – Be in it!

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